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Enhanced Brimstone
Increases the overall quality of the default Brimstone audio.
Created 9 years ago
I never liked the default sound of Brimstone and Azazel's lasers in Rebirth. This mod adds more watery, bubbly sound effects to give Brimstone a better, more fitting overall feel, and takes out all of the background noise.


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This mod contains:
General Gameplay
Do you have any plans to upload this mod to the steam workshop?
I love the fact that it sounds like blood. Fits in well.
the binding of macaroni: stirring edition
it sounds like someone taking a crap
These are some intense shits you speak of
It sounds very visceral and disgusting - which is perfectly fitting!
It sounds nice but not vicious enough for how destructive brimstone is.
Sounds like someone tried boiling silly putty...
Nice, sounds really, oddly enough, "soothing."
You should make one of these for poop destruction!
wow, this just really sounds like a huge stream of blood is spreading out in all directions in some kind of anime.
It sounds like the gel from portal 2
i've finally get it.
better than original an rebirth versions, same for explosions and deathsplatters.
thanks x 3!
I kinda feel like the sounds aren't as loud as the original. Maybe some people prefer quieter brimstone sounds but, I dunno, I sometimes can't hear it over the other sounds in the game and I'd like to be able to.
Never really liked the Brimstone sound, will have to try this one out
April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
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