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The Mirrors
A pale reflection
Created 3 years ago
This mod adds 2 passive items, 1 active item and 1 trinket to the game, the Portrait Mirror, the Landscape Mirror, the Hydrophobic Mirror and the Item Mirror.

The Portrait and Landscape mirrors add a 'reflection' of Isaac into the game as a familiar/friend, the reflection copies Isaac's movements and fires tears.

The Portrait Mirrors reflection is reversed along the Y axis and the Landscape Mirrors reflection is reversed along the X axis.

Different tear types and effects will be copied, even effects like ludovico or marked, but not items which change your weapon from tears into something else entirely, like Tech X or Brimstone.

The Hydrophobic Mirror is a usable item that reflects all of Isaac's tears and all the enemies blood projectiles back to wherever they came from, reflected enemy projectiles won't hurt the enemies (unless they're explosive) but it can save you in a pinch, especially against 'bullet hell' bosses.

The Item Mirror is a trinket which creates reflections of any coins, hearts, bombs or sacks in the room, while it may not double your pickups it does let you pick up items from the opposite end of the room, which aside from being convenient can allow you to collect items that are stuck behind pits, spikes or keyhole blocks.

Collecting 3 or more mirror type items will transform you, while transformed you can swap places with any of your reflections by pressing CTRL and an arrow key.

This mod also comes with 1 challenge mission, You are the reflection, in this mission you start off with the landscape mirror and your reflection takes damage and leads follower familiars instead of you.

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Please let me know about any bugs and/or give feedback.


x 36

- added challenge

- bugfixes

- added swap ability to transformation

- added a couple items from other mods to the transformation pool

- updated sprites

- fixed bug which sometimes made reflections deal more damage than Isaac

- fixed bug which sometimes prevented the transformation even if you had enough items

- added fake version of trinket as passive item which gives you trinket, that way the trinket can be set in item pools

- added Item Mirror trinket

- gave active mirror a time cooldown, may increase/decrease cooldown length later

- added conditions for ludovico with different tear variants

- added a simple transformation, just gives a soul heart

- added a simple transformation, just gives a soul heart

- added 3rd mirror, usable item which reflects tears and blood projectiles

- added 3rd mirror, usable item which reflects tears and blood projectiles

- upgraded tear firing function to be more efficient and adjustable

- made mirrors compatible with tear bubble shield

- added reflections of the 'marked' target

- rebuilt marked tear shot handling, more stable and efficient, also means mirror+marked+tear bubble shield works now

- fixed some bugs with ludovico

- added item to more item pools

- fixed reflection tears sometimes having wrong direction if firing while moving

- added conditions for brimstone, mom's knife and ludovico

- added compatibility with 20/20, inner eye and mutant spider (and combinations of those 3)

- added synergy with Marked

- updated sprites

- added a fix for reflections sometimes damaging enemies on contact

There is no world inside the mirror!
what does the transformation do?
Transformation allows you to swap places with your reflections at will by pressing CTRL + arrow key
Awesome mod id love to see some mirror enemies or walls with hanging mirrors with a secret to summon bloody mary as a boss or death for extra flavor.
Actually a mod that has effort put in it. A pleasant sight.
It's really cool that You still update Your mod
Mirror mirror on the pedestal,
gave me tears that are 3 dimensional. (Or 2).
This looks really interesting. Would it be possible to have the two mirrors synergize, so that in the even you get both you have another clone that mirrors your X and Y coordinates? that way, you can have symmetry again.
That'd be a bit strong, also that empty corner is used by 'dople' enemies (skinless isaacs that mimic you in the womb) so if it had one diagonally as well it would constantly be overlapping the enemy
January 16, 2020 - 3 months ago

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