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Seinfeld Shop Theme
Changes the shop music to something more fitting
Created 4 years ago
The shop music is now Seinfeld.

I do not own the song


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Couldn't get to work Rest In Piece dreams
Did you make sure that the Seinfeld Shop folder with the resources and metadata file inside was extracted into the Afterbirth + mods folder ?

Because this mod is Afterbirth+ only I believe.

Hit me up if you still have problems and maybe tell me what's wrong
Well i don't have afterbirth + so that is my problem. #PoorManProblems xD

You should get it if you get the chance. It's really good.
Whats the deal with games and shop music?
what am I doing with my life. And this is hilarious
whats the deal with greed *laugh track* *song plays*
What's the deal with the devil? *Laugh track* *Sounds of comedy dying*
Perfect When You Find The Quarter For 15 Cents.
How do i combine metadata files?
this has to be the greatest thing ever
I don't think so. Instead of playing anything, there is just no music in the shop. The store loop into and store loop are in the music file, and the metadata xml doc is in resources. The other mods I have installed aren't interfering and are in their own respective folders in the music file. Maybe the store loops need to be in their own folder?
Good luch with creating anothers mods
January 16, 2020 - 8 months ago

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