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Antibirth Megaman HP Bars!
Super Fighting Children! ANTIBIRTH! (Changes HP to Megaman's)
Created 6 years ago
Are you a fan of the classic Mega Man games on NES?
Do you like the simple, yet effective health bars from those games?
If so, this mod is for you!
this mod simply replaces the UI of your isaac game with some retro Megaman health bars!
Like my previous mod for Rebirth, this mod features an authentic tan, and a standard red version.
To install, take the 'mods' folder from either set and place it DIRECTLY in your antibirth directory.


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I'm a huge Megaman fan, so yes, yes, yes
How did you manage to get the hearts?
Not quite sure what you mean. do you mean to get the different heart types in game, or how I made the mod?
First off, this mod is for antibirth. Eternal Soul Hearts are a rare drop from normal Soul Heart drops. Rotten hearts drop from either Yuck Heart or randomly after beeating the Witness. Broken hearts can only be found using Magic Skin.
But i mean how did you get the ui_hearts file from the game? cause i wanted to mod my own custom hearts to antibirth
ahh, that. I didn't get them from the files. I had a little help figuring out what the file was called, and from there it was all experimentation.
Super mod!!! I hope you'll make other Megamans mods!
I am not sure if this is easy to know how many hearts You really have now.
But this is first mod i have seen to Antibirth :p Are You going to make more?
And I'm really sorry for my english it's not my first language
I'm planning on making more when I have the time. There is a way to tell how much health you have. Every 3 pieces of the health bar is half a heart. It's not always easy to find out in the heat of battle, but I find it easy enough to tell how much HP i have for Devil Deals and entering Cursed rooms.
Hm... So I am gonna use this mod, thanks
April 10, 2022 - 6 months ago
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