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Tear Bubble Shield
Chargeable Tear Shield
Created 4 years ago
Tear Bubble Shield is a custom passive item which makes Isaac's tears build up into a bubble around him for as long as attack is held down, by releasing the attack buttons the bubble is shot forwards.

If an enemy collides with the bubble while you are charging it they will take damage and the bubble will decrease in size, if the bubble is big enough it can protect you from enemy collision.
(lost contact makes powerful synergy)

Tear Bubble Shield has synergies with several tears/projectile types/effects.

It even has synergy with the "Trail of Tears" mod (which I recommend), though to make it work you have to go into trail of tears metadata file and rename it, due to the way mods are loaded alphabetically (I renamed it 'A Trail of Tears')

Tear Bubble Shield comes with 1 challenge mission, Wrecking Ball, in this mission your bubble is constantly growing but is never fired, you'll have some protection, but you must engage enemies in close quarters.
(or find familiars)

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is it possible to download a just Afterbirth version?
The mod was made using the Afterbirth+ API so I doubt it would work.
Hmm, if you could however make a afterbirth only version it would be really great, that's up to you of course
Yes, faster tear rate = faster shield charging
(although it's lowered a bit if you get soy milk, just so that way it doesn't get to full size too quickly)
I found a bug (sort of) whenever you run the mod the game deletes it from the folder. I tried re-installing five times. Eventually I renamed the root folder from tearbubbleshelid-randomnumbers to just tearbubbleshield then it worked. I was having the same problem with the mushroom ad mystery gift mods.
If I had to guess I'd say it's steam trying to check and update your mods and treating them as a mod you've unsubscribed from for some reason.

Way to get around that would be either, as you said, rename the folder, or you could also try editing (or deleting) the metadata files.
I've never liked items like Chocolate Milk but I can like this mod ;)
I am really lazy and I prefer install install by Steam ;)
Not sure what you mean by lazy, I mean it's not as though it's super easy to open workshop, type a couple words and hit enter. :P

But to be serious putting a link to the steam workshop version is not a bad idea, thanks for making me think of it.
Just put the folder in documents/my games/binding of Issac afterbirth plus mods
I would put in a showcase video, I didn't really understand what this did.
Did the gif not load? I'll try updating the page.
April 5, 2021 - 2 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.