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Happy Shroom
Friendly mushrooms
Created 3 years ago
Happy Shroom is a passive item that makes all mushroom enemies friendly and allows you to turn any static mushrooms you touch into friendly mushroom helpers.

These happy little guys are helpful but they aren't that strong, or too bright, so try not to get them caught on fires or spikes.

Steam Workshop


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Фановый мод
It is up on the workshop, I've added a link to the page.
Tkank You I am gonna install this right now.
Something tells me this is stolen...
You can see the same username on the steam workshop version, if its the graphic you're talking about I did make it myself, not sure how I can prove it but if you use it in a google image search you can see that as far as google knows the image doesn't exist, and if you look up 'vineshroom' in the workshop you can see the other pre=existing graphics.
Does it count towards the transformation?
Not really, collecting it just forces the transformation.
January 16, 2020 - 6 months ago

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