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Playable youtubers
You can play as your favorite youtubers
Created 3 years ago


I changed the characters to YouTubers

They might not look like it, but I tried.


Isaac = pewdiepie

Magdalene = iHasCupquake

Cain = SkyDoesMinecraft

Judas = SSundee

??? = PopularMMOs

Eve = GamingWithJen

Samson = Jacksepticeye

Azazel = OP (just plain OP)

Lazarus = Arin (Gamegrumps)

Eden = Hutts (with some pretty good items)

Dead Lazarus = Dan (Gamegrumps)

I spent a lot of time on this. It would mean the world if you downloaded this.


Make Afterbirth compatible


x 13

- Fixed Azazel.

- Fixed Azazel for good

- Changed HARDMODE(???) To PopularMMOs

- Fixed Azazel

- Changed Youtube(Eden), to Hutts

I kinda want Isaac to be TearofGrace because he uses Isaac in most of his runs when he tries out some mods in AB+.
can you add more screenshots, cuz from what i can tell your mod looks shit, but maybe if you put more screenshots i will reconsider
You know, I don't really want to. You can download it if you want but I'm not really changing anything.
Doesn't take the time to put in Northernlion, but takes the time to put some random normies that're not even relevant to the Binding of Isaac nor have ever played it (except for PewDiePie.) Feelsbadman -rep
Hutts plays it. Also, it doesn't have to be binding of Isaac. It is just YouTubers. (p.s I have never heard of Northernlion)
actually, gamegrumps played both the old tboi and the new one
Can i Be added youtube Channel SSGSSEast
sorry, I can not take request. Also, ur channel isn't that big. (24 subs)
You have GamingWithJen, where's PopularMMOs?
um how do you shoot for azazel only one that wont work and will it delete
I will fix it. I noticed that too today
yo your mod is good it could have some graphical changes but that's it and I wont delete it either cause I'm starting to like it but pls fix azezel
I fixed him. He didnt have a face for some reason but he still shot. It was strange.
yeah he shots now but his face is all messed up still (I cant see it)
Test it one more time. I think I have fixed it for good
it kinda does you can only see his eye
yeah does not matter but kinda annoying
it is the regular azazel with a bunch of other stuff
i got the winrar but how i add it now
Put the player.xml file into the resource folder for binding of isaac rebirth
oh and can u help me with something?
im new so how to i MAKE a mod for rebirth?
I don't really know how to mod. So I used the binding of Isaac character editor. It is very simple. I recommend it. You can change all sorts of things. You can even change the names and the accessories. You can make Isaac have Edens hair. Like I did. Last, but not least, you can make it either rebirth, afterbirth, or afterbirth +
i got the character editor now but when i try to press read players something it says file not found Even If I DID find it!
In the top top right, you can see a folder file. That should be where all the mods are. Also known as the resource file. If not, you can find the folder with the map buttons beneath it. The read me, finds the player.XML file in the file from the top right resource folder. Saving puts the all the changes you have made into the folder in the form of the player.XML file.(the one in the top right.) Hope you find it helpful.
I dont know then. It works for me fine.
what do you mean? What do you want to use
its working! it says "success!" now where does it go... Gfx, Sfx, or resourses? (and i had my isaac game open hearing the cellar about like five minutes )
It goes into resources. What do you mean by the cellar.
i had my binding of isaac rebirth game on the whole time for five minutes hearing the cellar music
and i have gfx in resourses...
he means could you give him the link to you're character editing mod
oh can u help me with something
Ok. I will test it. And fix it after school
Play the game. It doesnt say pewdiepie or Hutts. It says isaac. When you play, they will have different items
Only rebirth??? If you can, afterbirth would be cool. Cool ideas though.
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