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Golden Gauntlet
Turn everything into gold!
Created 4 years ago
# Mod Description #
This is a powerful gauntlet inspired by "Gran Tesoro" from One Piece Film:GOLD.

Upon use, it will turn every vulnerable enemy, poop and the room you're on into gold.
The enemies that are turned into gold are applied the Midas Freeze effect therefore upon their death they will drop 1 to 3 coins.

After reading this you probably guess that this item is very powerful and when used right, It can get you more then 99 coins.
With my current abilities there is no way to really balance this item out so I just made it really rare.
This item has 12 charges, is special and has much more less probability to appear in the treasure room much like Mega Satan's Breath or Bomber Boy.

# Mod Author #
Lal Mirch,
a.k.a Vincent Hwang
a.k.a Magnificent Vincent
a.k.a Vincent Vector Vharsk

# Installing Insctructions #
> Locate your "Documents" folder.
> Go to "My Games", "Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods".
> Extract "Golden Poop" into that folder.
> Enable the mod from "Mods" menu in-game.

# Thanks #
Thanks to people at Discord channel for helping me out.


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hey pal, if you want I can upload it for you and ill put every credit u want, cause this mod looks great and its pretty fun, and when you get afterbirth plus I can remove it and you can upload it ,(I saw some of the comments that why I asked)
Indeed, you've deeply thought on your mod! Great work!
OMG 10/10 i love it!
PD: it is broken in Greed Mode.
Glad you liked it! Uh, I did not put it in the greed mode item pools. Did you have chaos by any chance ?
I am lazy if i have to install Isaac's mod manually :p
No because I'm borrowing the DLC therefore I can't upload.
O.K.! So I'll do this traditionally :p
You can still just put it in your Afterbirth+ mods folder and it will work fine.
January 16, 2020 - 8 months ago

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