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To be continued ...(Floor Change Jingle)
This changes the jingle that occurs when you change floors.
Created 8 years ago
It obviously changes into "to be continued" ... aka Roundabout by Yes.

I do not own the song.


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A perfect addition to my Jojo mod in development!
Feel free to use it there and gl with your mod.
you can't do a run with it you dont get any achievements and that sucks

That's for all mods though.
Sad but imo justified.

Modding shouldn't make getting achievements easy.

It does suck for music or graphic mods though.
Is this regular afterbirth or is it only afterbirth+ because I was hoping to pair it with my favorite afterbirth mod
It should work with AB if you install it like a AB mod.
If not, I'm sorry

But it's as simple as replacing one file with another, which you could do yourself (boss fight intro jingle_01).
What do you mean? All my mods were created for AB+
Oh. I didn't know because I never tried it for afterbirth+ lol
Good to know that this one works for normal Afterbirth though :^)
Yeah plus it doesn't help that I have no idea how to install afterbirth+ mods though so yeah
Just go into documents/my games/afterbirth + mods and paste the modfolder in there. (make sure that you have the "resource" etc. files in the sub folder directly)
oh i figured out the issue awhile ago, it was that i forgot to turn mods on
Now we need deja vu for mega satan battle
idk either that or running in the 90s XD. btw you don't have to I would do it myself but I don't know how to mod :P.
I'm doing it for you once I figure it out I'll give you credit :P
I just uploaded the mod for you and others to check out :^)
You can find it on my profile hopefully.
This must be the work of an enemy stando
Doesn't works, im playing in Afterbirth + and i tried the original method of taking the file to the "resource" file but it doesn't works, do i need to take it to the "tools" file instead?
You need to put it in your Afterbirth + Mods folder, which you find under "Your Documents"
Then you should be able to locate it in the main menu.
i cant find the mod in the menu (or any other mod)
When you're playing lost and delirium is about to fire a wave of tears
When you're going into the womb as the Keeper
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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