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Tidus Voice
Replaces Isaac's voice with young Tidus from Kingdom Hearts.
Created 8 years ago
Replaces Isaac's hurt grunts and death sound with Tidus (originally from Final Fantasy) from Kingdom Hearts. Isaac's original voice never sounded very "boyish" to me, I feel like Tidus was actually a little more fitting.


x 9

- Afterbirth compatibility

Oddly doesn't seem to work for my Afterbirth install. I've extracted and overridden the files,but still have default sounds. I'd expect sound mods to still work post-Afterbirth like most graphic mods do.
Please make these a litte louder, I can barely hear them over the music and other sounds.
Now all we need to do is fit in an "AAAHAHAHAHA" somewhere.

(Even though it's not Young/KH Tidus, but still)
April 10, 2022 - 10 months ago
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