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The Binding of G
play as everyone's favorite Antibirth character!
Created 4 years ago
It's no secret, Antibirth was an amazing mod. But what made it so special? Was it the new content? The revamped 2-player mode? No, it was G, the Isaac-lookalike who starred in Antibirth's release date trailer. He took the community by storm, yet there was an outcry for him to be playable in Afterbirth. Well worry not, because G is now avaliable to play with this patented mod! Yes, even YOU can download and enjoy full gameplay with G today!

G replaces Isaac on the Character roster. He starts with:

  • Cambion Conception
  • Immaculate Conception

What are you waiting for? go and download the mod today!

Note: We have not yet received _Kilburn's official seal of approval for this mod as he has not yet gotten back to us. However we are remaining vigilant and will update you as soon as we get word back from him.

(also for those who don't get the joke click here)


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hey make a ANTIBIRTH version of this
Are You gonna make more Antibirth characters?
It would be lovely to see Bethany or Jacob and Esaw ;)
What makes this mod different than 2638?
i think it's a joke, in the description it says "(also for those who don't get the joke click here)"
April 5, 2021 - 6 days ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.