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BrokenRemote - Remote Lua Code Injector
Inject and execute Lua code while the game is running!
Created 6 years ago


BrokenRemote is a remote Lua code injector. This means, you can type some code in the tool, hit a key and the code will be executed in the game instantaneously.

This allows a dev to prototype and create mods much faster than reloading a mod by using the luamod command repeatedly. The tool also provides a vast set of predefined actions that modify the current game state like spawning enemies, pedestal items, pickups, ... It also provides 12 experimental items (4 active, 4 passive, 4 trinkets) that can be used to prototype custom item ideas without the need of putting the items into the game first.

Implemented Features

  • Remote Code Execution
  • Remote Console (Send messages back from the game)
  • Experimental Items
  • Vast set of predefined actions
  • [list]
  • Give Hearts
  • Give Collectibles
  • Spawn Pedestal Items
  • Spawn Collectibles
  • Spawn Enemies
  • Teleport
  • Restock the Shop
  • Jump List (Teleport to a specific room)
  • Jump to any game stage
  • Spawn enemies
  • Different map effects (map, compass, ...)

  • Multiple document interface, work at two or more files at once
  • Script Templates (for your learning)
  • [/list]

    Planned Features

    • Room Modifications
    • Dynamic Item Lists (read items from the game instead of a file)
    • D6-Effect
    • Force-Open any special doors (devil deal, mega satan, boss rush, ...)

    Project Status

    The project is still in an early stage of development, but the tool itself is quite usable already. If you want to participate in any way (tester, contribute, ...), just message me!

    The tool itself is written in C++ with the Qt Framework. So it should run on any relevant platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS). The mod part of the tool is using luasocket, so running the game with --luadebug is required.

    To contribute, get the latest source code or just check the project status, visit the GitHub repository.

    Install Instructions

    • Copy the folder "Mod" into your isaac mod folder
    • Rename the folder to "broken-remote"

    Usage Instructions

    • Set the Steam console options to --luadebug
    • Start the tool
    • Start the game, enable the mod, start a run
    • Under isaacs feet, a "Connected" text should appear
    • In the mod tool, the console should show a connected message as well as the name of the character.


    An always updated list of troubleshooting tips and tricks can be found on GitHub:

    Troubleshooting (GitHub)


    x 23

    - Experimental Items

    - Adds option to Game menu to spawn enemies

    - Adds Stage menu to change stages

    - Adds Level menu to affect the level (Teleport, Map View)

    - New Template (Passive Item)

    wow, this is going to be REALLY helpful for modding!!!

    thanks for the tool!
    Thanks! Nice to hear that you like it

    In the next update, the modding api of the tool will change so i can create an export-function for mods written with the tool.
    Amazing work, I got this right after finishing my big project
    Thanks! I just released v0.4 on GitHub, i can't update the mod here because of problems with the site itself (updater won't work)
    That's wonderful to hear! If you have ideas for new features, just post them!

    I'm working on Version 0.4 right now, the menus now get an enable/disable feature that prevents you from using stuff that won't work (like teleporting to non-existent rooms).
    Can't you already do this by pressing the ~ button without this?
    No, the ~ button only reloads the complete mod. With this tool, you can also execute a single line of Lua.

    Also, it catches errors and displays them in a live console and not the log.txt file, so you can react much faster to all kinds of errors
    Don't know what exactly that means, but OK!
    How do you open it, I want achievements so idk how to open it in-game.
    A really short explanation on how to use this tool is on GitHub:
    Install Instructions

    You are required to run the game with --luadebug and enable the mod, so having achievements and having this tool at the same time is only possible by modding the unpacked game itself
    my anti-virus system is saying that there is a virus in this, is that true?
    No. I scanned the file from GitHub (which is the same as provided here) with, it showed no virus.

    Some virus scanners detect brand new software as "malicious" as they don't know the file yet.
    April 10, 2022 - 4 months ago
    Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!