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Antibirth Stat HUD
Changes the Found HUD so it looks like the one in Antibirth.
Created 4 years ago
It just changes the icons and nothing else.

Not a fan of the one that comes with Afterbirth+, the one in Antibirth is so much nicer.


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i've installed it, just like all other mods i've downloaded from this site and NOTHING changed.

the game still works but without any changes, could you please help me?
does this work for afterbirth, not afterbirth+, just afterbirth?
No, since the Hud is only on Afterbirth+
no, this is for ANTI-birth. not afterbirth/+
what do i do?
Plus i cant run rar files RIP me
Download zipfile just look it up on youtube it will convert any file into a zip and it will also extract it for you it amazing.
This mod is not for Antibirth! it is for Afterbirth+!
just change the "skin" of the HUD to the HUD of the antibirth
Can i use this for afterbirth? and, if i use this, the achievements will be locked?
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The problem with this method
of using the mods again with AB+ is that Steam verifies the integrity of the game's cache and if there are changes, it will redownload the missing files/folder.

So even if you rename the Packed folder, later Steam will redownload it and AB+ will not longer launches until you delete it (not the renamed Packed folder but the original Packed folder. You have to do that each time Steam does the cache verification for TBoI.
Can someone tell me how to install it ? :P Here, this is a tutorial. If you don't trust the link, go on YouTube and look up "How to install mods for binding of Isaac by Hutts"
Your welcome.
where can I download mod, that just ADDS the HUD stat icons and nothing else??
The HUD icons are known as the "Found HUD" in Afterbirth+ and are enabled in the Options menu. This mod changes the look of those icons.
Hi, quick question, is there something special you have to do to install mods for AB+? I just now realized that none of the mods I have installed work when I load up AB+, but if I uninstall it and just play AB it works perfectly. I really want to download this mod, because I'm not the biggest fan of the generic one that comes with AB+. Am I doing something wrong?
Today they released a patch that changed the way mods are loaded. TL;DR: It no longer work the way it did before. What you gotta do now is go to your Isaac folder, searh for a folder called Tools, open ResourceExtractor, and execute the file in it. It will unpack everything, so if you have any mods/files in the resources folder, take them out, because it will replace them. After everything has unpacked, look for the Packed folder inside resources, and change it's name to something else. Now you can install mods the same way you did before (which now will replace the freshly unpacked files to whatever new modded files you wish).
I don't find the folder "tools" :/
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