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Paper Map
Paper-like map display.
Created 7 years ago
Changes the map display so that it appears more paper-like. Does not change the appearance of the map when holding down TAB.


x 95

- Made the map less busy.

- The amnesia icon is now a doodle and not a question mark.

- Added an optional second version of the mod that uses vanilla icons.

It's basically a smaller 3DS verison map.
I have made a modification of this and DC1Trains mod for afterbirth, I was wondering if I could post it with credit to you both, I've already asked DC1Train as well, currently awaiting a reply.
Thanks, have to make a few touch ups before I upload it.
this mod made my web browser redirect to a NAMBLA donation page
lol, i like with the course of the lost
Gotta say, looove the way this mod looks! But I had one small complaint with it. I couldn't see where I was, or what rooms I had yet to explore without pressing tab! I didn't like that. So I decided to fix it myself. If you'd like, I could send you my edit for use in the mod? Here's what it looks like after I had at it.
Could you send it to me? I like this mod, that was also bothering me :P
Sorry for the late reply, but you can feel free to upload the mod yourself - so long as I'm properly credited.

(Also, it looks like you're using an older version of the mod. The newer version isn't as noisy and includes an alternate folder that uses vanilla icons instead of my ugly stuff.)
I like it. It's a nice addition. What more could anyone ask for.
perfect update for the vanilla icons.
ive found yours custom icon not clear at all (if this is english)
now its perfect for me, thanks!
Thank you for making this, simply amazing!
I don't want to download it right now, but god it looks awesome!
it looks good, but the normal map is hard enough to see through, which causes me to miss lots of stuff
April 10, 2022 - 2 months ago
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