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Some Character Changes 3
Changes Isaac and co. (REBIRTH ONLY)
Created 5 years ago
Isaac: Starts with 1 less heart, but also starts with Joker.
Magdalene: Starts with How To Jump and Missing Poster.
Cain: Same.
Judas: Only half a black heart. Has 7 Coins, Bombs and Keys.
???: Has only 1.5 soul hearts. Has 1 Bomb and 2 Keys, also has Growth Hormones.
Eve: Same.
Samson: Same.
Azazel: Starts with 1 Black Heart and without The Fool. Has Brimstone and Monstro's Lung.
Lazarus: Same.
Eden: SAME!
The Lost: Starts without the D4. Has Tammy's Head and Brimstone.
Lazarus II: Doesn't have Anemic. Has 3 Soul Hearts and 2 Black Hearts.
Black Judas: Has 0.5 Black Hearts.

Put file in Common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/Resources.


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