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Brimstone Bombs
Spinning Brimstone bombs passive item
Created 7 years ago
Adds a single pasive item - Brimstone Bombs. The item gives your bombs 3 short spinning brimstone beams after they are placed until they explode.

Video of the item in action

HUGE thanks to Xiapher for the item sprite


x 44

- Now gives 5 bombs on pickup!

- Added Brimstone Bombs to item pools

its Sad bombs and Brimstone combined kinda
Its pretty much that, but Azazel's brimstone instead
Can the Brimstone Lasers hit you?
i can combine with to many items,niiice
I Use Brimstone Bomb, Dr.Fetus and Solty milk... I'm Just... AWESOME
What about this?
Nice mod. Maybe change the appearance of the bomb when you place it?
Great mod! I wanna see what happens when you have Sad Bombs, Scatter Bombs, Brim Bombs, Dr. Fetus, and The Parasite all combined. Mayhem I assume.
it would be cool if it put the anti-gravity brimstone portal behind the bomb while doing this, it would add a neat little effect
I'm not sure what do you mean by that, what portal are you talking about?
it's talking about the brimstone with anti-gravity effect (here just select anti-gravity and brimstone)
Might try, I'll get back to you if I do!
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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