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Making the game fun without cheating
Created 9 years ago
Hey! Afterbirth version has been released, come here!


Sometimes Isaac can be frustrating, yes. A few great mods give you the chance to make it easier by changing gameplay like:
-Adding multiple items to Item Rooms
-Getting OP Items in every item pool
-Much less charge time for items

And so on and so on... The point is, doesn't this feel like cheating? You are getting much more from the game without doing anything... How about a mod that makes having good runs much easier without making the game play by itself? Well, I won't say I managed this (because it's really hard to do), but with this mod I tried my best to make the game more fun to play.


Well, I won't spoil too much to you, but here's an idea of what's gonna change from Vanilla Rebirth:
-Item rooms get more items from other pools (more variety)
-Devil Deals have a few more items in their pool, to make fun synergies more common
-Angel rooms are much stronger, ranging from one to three items (rare but possible)
-Characters who were bad now are much stronger (maybe even OP, I'll try to fix this) to allow random streaks without bad characters
-Sacrifice Rooms are now much more varied and offer various services (slot machines or even, rarely, items)
-Most spacebar items have been buffed, now many will be useful (did anyone else hear "Flush"?)
-Generally, item pools are bigger
-Dark room is slightly harder, to provide a balance to the stronger runs
-More little tweaks to the overall experience

I'd like to note that, besides Special Rooms and the Dark Room, NO ROOMS HAVE BEEN ALTERED. I heavily dislike most of the room packs available and I like the experience Edmund balanced out for us. (Note that you still can use room mods, just remember to install this mod last to get every feature working)

After all of this I'll leave you with the Mod, remember I'm one guy and I can make mistakes (or just have a weird idea of "balance"), if you think anything needs to be changed please write down here Please test this or give this a few shots, I've playing only on this Mod for a few weeks now ;)


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ik this is a repetitive comment but i put it in the recourse folder and restarted the game but nothing changes
is there a folder or anything that can explain all of the change?
two years ago, but if anyone still wants to know, check the itempools.xml file
how do i install the mod ? i puted in the ressources folder and it doesn't work.(Don't mind my faults i'm french)
in the folder with the packed folder then it will work
you literally just said "did you try to put it in the recourses folder?"
Is good it let me get sacred heart in an item room!
1. "Breath Of Life" Have 2 Charges.
2. "Blank Card" Have (I Think) 6 or 8 Charges.
3. "Maggy" Doesn't On Start Have "Yum Heart"
4. Other Not Helping Thinks In This Mode But I Don't Want Write This Comment...
nice mod! brings some much needed balance (and use when it comes to certain rooms) to the game!
in Russian it means
But if u translate this more correctly, ЕПТА(epta) - means f*ck your mom, but it's short version of this word and often doesn't mean this. Anyway, he just say hello lmao
Learn how to install a mod on the HELP button.
Go to the steam folder (I trust you know how to go there) and put it in resources.
Pretty awesome for casual players or people who want to play it a little more fair. Great mod!
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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