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The Abyss
Changes the Womb into something that's always watching...
Created 6 years ago

This mod was and is still made only for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. This mod will not work correctly with Afterbirth, as it is missing the files for the new room types, as well as the lack of any alts for the new alternate Wombs that were introduced in the Afterbirth DLC.

A new 2.0 version may be released after Afterbirth+ is released, due to the current limitations of Isaac modding at the moment.

Thank you.

Here's a mod that replaces the entirety of The Womb/Utero with a new place named "The Abyss" (or "Noctis" if you're in Utero). The Abyss is always watching, and never takes its eyes off the inhabitants that lurk within...


Extract contents using your favorite archive program (I like 7-zip), and drag it into the 'resources' folder within your game directory, which is located within the Steam program directory:

Steam/steamapps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources

To uninstall, just delete the folders. The game will then default to whatever is in the "packed" folder.

Have fun! Feedback welcomed!

The Abyss mod has been created by me, tentaclecuddles (, and shovelkin! (


x 101

- Increased the contrast of the pit graphics. They should be more visible now, especially in Noctis.

- Adds "Pulso Profundum" from Afterbirth DLC as The Abyss music.

- Dice Rooms now matches with The Abyss

- Mr. Fred's portrait is now correct with the boss spot graphics for The Abyss

- Using the X-Ray Glasses now doesn't use a Womb colored hole-in-the-wall.

- Changes the Dice Room graphics to match the Abyss better.

- Modifies Mr. Fred's boss portrait to match the floor of the Abyss.

- Using the X-Ray Glasses in the Abyss now looks better.

- Added Mr. Fred and enemy Fred sprites so they match with the Abyss floor.

- Added chapter icon for nightmare sequences.

- Removed changelog from readme.

- Added files for Mr. Fred and the enemy Fred so they don't stick out like sore thumbs.

- Fixed a typo in the readme.

Will this be ever updated for AB and AB+? I really enjoyed it in Rebirth and I miss this gem.
Maybe! It's been so long and I think I lost the source files -- but I was working on a remake a little while ago. I've been back on an Isaac kick lately, and it'd be fun to do again!

Thanks for your comment! It means a lot.
can you make it any easier to download it would be great
It looks really cool, but maybe you could make it a whole new floor entirely?
Your mod was stolen by someone on the Steam Workshop, here's the link:
Hello! Thank you for bringing this whole thing up. I have reported it and it was taken down. Thank you again.
dan ahahhahahaha
I can post it again anytime
Well, you've made a scarier chapter than sheol, congratulations. Now making a scarier boss than Delirium it's a whole new level of difficulty...
You should port this to afterbirth+ looks cool but I cant use it....
Can't wait for the Afterbirth version!
Thanks! Now that it's summertime I think I'll get off my lazy tush and work on an AB version. :P
Aw yisss. I've been dying to play this.
I love this mod! could you make a mod that changes Sheol in to a more "Hell like" place, ans possibly change the name to "Hell" It would be fitting for the Satan fight, I just think the normal Sheol looks too much like the depths and necropolis. Just a suggestion.
I think I'd leave that to someone else actually, I think someone else would have a better grasp of making that mod rather than me where I have no time because college.

Sorry bud.
I just went through the trouble of manually searching and deleting afterbirth incopatibile files (like the stage progress thing [the pictures glitched over]), downloaded an unpacker just to know stage id's and changed almost the entirety of stages.xml just to rename the two floors. Absolutely worth it! Love the mod!
Aw thanks! I hope you'll be pleasantly suprised with what's coming soon! ;D
Is it gonna be an update to this mod, or is it going to be a new mod entirely? Just asking if I should keep track of this mod or keep looking for another mod of yours. The idea of Abyss and Noctis is pretty awesome
I'm making an update which is essentially a graphical overhaul of this mod since Afterbirth introduced new floor layouts and such! It should be out soon, when I got free time from college.
Hey I'm creating a full fledged expansion of the binding of isaac and I was wondering if I could use this floor in my mod?

I am making credits too so I would put your name in the credits of course
Thanks for asking beforehand friend. While I do appreciate the sentiment, I would prefer this to be it's own independent floor. This floor is actually a concept of a place of a story I'm writing, and I think I would prefer for this floor to be independent rather than in part of a mod.

I really appreciate you asking first, and I apologize if I dissapointed you or anything. I hope you understand and I hope you have a wonderful day. ;w;
Hey everyone who still looks at this mod, thank you for taking the time to gander! I was thinking of making a 2.0 version of this mod with a couple of friends to bring it to affect Afterbirth's new womb alt. And stuff. Stay tuned...?????
i got a funny run yestarday i got a floor with a 5 dice room i decided to go into it after boss then found my item room and found a forget me now. i could not stop laughing on how perfect that was
its better then being inside a womb with enemies at least (to much placenta)
Honestly, a reason why I like using this mod is because the Womb is very bright and red, which does bother my eyes. Although it isn't that way in the 3DS version, which makes it a lot more tolerable.
April 5, 2021 - 2 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.