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The Binding of Soul Eater (WIP)
A mod for those anime lovers!
Created 3 years ago

A sound "soul" rests within sound mind and sound body...

The Technical School for Reaper Armsmasters... In short, the "Shibusen"... Has now come to the basement . Play with your favourite character of this awesome anime to fight against the kishin and his madness... (or be it xP)


Well, this mod (for now) only changes the appareance of the characters, and his objects:

-Isaac as Maka! She now holds: Soul, Maka's Book.
-Samson as Soul! He now holds: Soul's Bandana, Black Blood.
-Cain as Black Star! He now holds: Tsubaki, Black Star's Autograph.
-Eve as Tsubaki! She now holds: Nakatsukasa's Will, Enchanted Sword.
-Judas as "Death" the kid! He now holds: Patty and liz, Symmetry, Kid's Soul.
-Magdalene as Liz! She now holds: Thompson's hat, Liz's Mascara, Liz's Nail File.
-Blue baby as Patty! She now holds: Thompson's hat, BFFs!
-Lazarus as Blair! She now holds: Halloween cannon!, Smashing Pumpkin!, Blair's hat.
-The Lost as Medusa! She now holds: Soul Protection, Medusa's Tattoo, Vector Arrow, Medusa's Robes.
-Lilith as Chrona! She/He now holds: Ragnarok, Black Blood, Chrona's Shadow.
-Eden as Shinigami-sama! He now holds: Spirit.
-Azazel as Ashura! He now holds: Ashura's Soul, Kishin's Eye, Vajra.
-The keeper as Excalibur! FOOLS!

Also this mod changes the title screen and credits music, and changes Guppy Transformation and his objects into Blair and objects related with her.


As we know, Afterbirth+ is here! So I want to take some practice with its tools and make things like:

-Add more characters.
-Change sprites of some objects and add new ones.
-Change enemies and add new ones.
-Change bosses and add new ones.
-Change levels and rooms to make them like the anime and add new ones.
-Maybe do some routes to choose into, like the first part of the anime (and manga since they are the same), the second part of the anime and the second part of the manga.
-Change music with music from the anime.
-And much more .


I'm alone doing this mod, and I don't have as enough time as I want to take care of this mod, so if anyone wants to help me in any way, just send me an e-mail to [email protected]. It would be great to make this mod bigger as fast as possible for those anime lovers


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this is one of my favorite character packs.
Hands down.
Hey FAz ! Have you considered uploading your mod to the steam workshop? I was just curious, I don't get on here that often and it seems the workshop gets updated more often.
Yeah! But first, I need to get AB+. I just have AB and I also want to add something before upload it to the workshop, and sadly I don't have time >.< I'm gonna do it as soon as I can
one question, will the binding of soul eater have a shitty ending?
Sorry i have to make the joke
Make Mom's Heart (or Hush) the moon (only people that read the manga will get it
Asura is a little op so you should nerf him in some way.
Maybe have Blair start off with 9 Lives? since shes a cat.
Maka should start with Deaths Touch reskinned as Soul scythe form.

Other than those great mod
I know Ashura is OP, but he is the Demon God xD, also it's a good idea to give Blair 9 lives, but she already have one. And maka already starts with scythes reskinned, maybe you haven't them because you didn't do the Waka Waka challenge. I'm glad you enjoy the mod ^^

You could redesign the soulhearts to be Kishian eggs, and evilhearts to be human souls(as you beacome mad if you eat them).
Just an idea.
Really good ideas, I'm gonna consider them for future updates
Can you Make it an Afterbirth+ mod because that is what i have it it doesn't work for me
I can't use modding tools for now, so people who want this mod for AB+ needs to wait, sorry for the inconvenience
Have been waiting for a anime mod! This just so happens to be my all time favorite anime x_x
wow! impresionantes sprites! por cierto, he visto tu otro mod y ambos son estupendos
Vine por tu post en binding of isaac hispano y me parece que haces muy bien los sprites

Cuanto tiempo tardaste mas o menos en hacer cada uno? (contando sus animaciones, etc)
Muchas gracias . Bueno, cada sprite fue un mundo xD unos eran más fáciles y otros más complicados por ciertas cosas. Por lo general, hacer un personaje, con sus objetos, sus retratos, su miniatura en el menú... me llevaban como medio día, algo así como desde las 11 que me levantaba hasta las 6 que terminaba. Aunque claro, en algunos ocurrían problemas inesperados que consumían más tiempo. Por cierto, he visto un poco tu mod y puedo decirte que no vas nada mal, tan sólo necesitas práctica y lo harás genial ;)
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