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The Pride of Isaac
Tiny menu change
Created 8 years ago

Compatible for both Rebirth and Afterbirth!

This mod changes a bit the title screen. And that's it, nothing more nothing less

(But hey, at least it's compatible for both versions)


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I'm personally not gay (And nothing against gay people) but this is going to be my new title screen for the irony
Because it is too colorful or not dark enough?
This is mad gay and I love it!
I love it!
Yes. I am not gay. But some people are, and they want to be gay in Isaac too
Can you also give everyone 3 dollar bill, just for shits and giggles?
Sorry for late response lol, yes i can! Update on the way!
I don't think giving everyone 3 dollar bill would be a good idea, but giving them a costume that gives them the rainbow tears like on 3 dollar bill would be optimal.
A Mod named "The Pride of Isaac" avaible for Rebirth and Afterbirth that changes your title screen.
that's very good keep doing better things
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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