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The Tranformations Mod
Gives All Characters (except Eden) a Transformation
Created 3 years ago
Hello, Welcome to, "The Character Transformations Mod" where in this mod, I added characters with transformations and a few tweaks to characters without a match or just because I ran out of Transformations to give them.

(Once the photos get processed and dont glitch up)

I Added:
- Added Transformations to all characters
- Isaac is now "The Pure One" (Seraphim)
- Magdalene is still Magdalene (Yes, Mother)
- Cain is now "The Captain" (Super Bum)
- Judas is now "Toad" (You will know why)
- ??? is now "My Poop" (Hes bad so he the Crap transformation)
- Samson is now "Bob" (Bob)
- The Lost is now "Guppy" (Guppy's Spirit)
- Lazarus is now "The Brothers" (Conjoined)
- Azazel is now "The Dark One" (Leviathan)
- The Keeper is now "Kamikaze" (Dont Ask...)
- Eden remains unchanged

More will be made in the future using the basement editor tool as well, Thank You

Made By, AlekBro868, or MythRobo


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Hey. This mod is really cool! One thing I'd like to point out is that the lost is a bit overpowered with guppy.
well, the lost is a bit underpowered without guppy
thx! hope you enjoy it, also if it doesnt matter to you mind giving a heart?
January 16, 2020 - 5 months ago

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