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Adversary Mode
Greed Mode just got darker...
Created 6 years ago
Welcome to Adversary Mode! Every wave of enemies contains the Adversary! Good luck; you'll need it.


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Here we have Hutts streaming bait, in its natural habitat. Watch as the wild Hutts picks up the same basic mod, acting surprised and interested in the "new gameplay", and then get free clicks.

Now watch as young mod creators use a room editor for
Greed mode to replace every enemy with (insert hated boss that isn't that hard by itself, but is complete bullshit when a pack of six begin murdering you), and derive nourishment from the salt produced by all 40 people at the moment and satisfaction from outputting intensely shitty content, all to get downloads in before AB+ forces them to learn real coding like an adult, not a kid who can type words into a Character editor or drag pretty pictures into a room.
Lol; I am an adult, and am familiar with lua - just not isaac lua. I like the comment, though. It's funny and accurate.
Well, glad you took that wall of text in stride.

Honestly, I think I was just pissed at Isaac's current modding community in general, and wanted to kill some time on New Years Eve, so I just went around, tearing some modders a new one.

Wasn't trying to insult you personally, but that's my general (cynical) assumption of most mod creators on here.

If you want some more from my 30 minute New Year's crusade, feel free take a look at some of my comments on the Skeleton King Mod.
Hey, the mod isn't working for me.
Are you suicidal?

Then this is the mod for you!
I have beaten it!
Thank god i got an OP run xD
Tip: git gud, I will give this a shot lmao
This mod is definitely Hutts approved, great mod m8
Yeah; run in circles so the brimstone doesn't rape you.
why wouldnt you want them to rape you
what? another enemies? not only adversary?
If it were only Adversary, it wouldn't be as challenging. After all, the main enemy in each wave is Adversary; extra enemies are placed as additional hazards ;)
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