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Weirdo's Mod
It changes some grafics....
Created 7 years ago
In this mod some grafics are changed:


-The Round worm and the Nightcrawler are now in GOLD!!!

-The lil' haunt now seems to be a yellow squid!

-The Embryo is... glitched... and the parabite has some changes!

-All the Bodies (only of enemies) are glitches now!!! and some
enemies seems to be floating!!!... or not?

-The Chubber's worm now more cute!!!

-The Full fly is now more distnguishable!!!


-The gB Bug is now... kinda of MLG...

-1UP is now more cute!!!


-The blood is now Green or Blue!!

-The text of Notched axe now is Notch's Pickaxe

-Isaac start more powerful!!!

And that's it, if you like this mod, pls give a half of heart because this is my first mod. Thx!!!!


x 10

- The Ulcer now more cute!!!

- The Imp is now the Unown of Pokémon series!!!

But few of them are weird :d Like example flies.
You really should add this to Afterbirth Plus But I'd rather see this mod without some of these textures :p
kk, so what textures you don't like?
then, i could eliminate them if you want :v
What are "grafics"? I've only ever heard of "Graphics"
Do i see illuminati on the first screenshot?
Well, that illuminati is the gB bug item... so... I have nothing to say, because it is a "BUG"...
I like it, kinda looks like my graphic fuckups.
well, it name is "Weirdo's" i have nothing to say :/
cool, but a few things are taken from other mods: /
Thx and is because I was bored so a I have nothing 2 do, that's why
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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