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да или нет
Created 4 years ago
DA or HET?
That's the real question here.


Represent SiIva's sad past by replacing the Harlequin baby with Felix, as it is related sadly to the infamous deleted rip.

There's not much to say for this mod, just a little something that might be included in AQAPack.
Hope you enjoy!


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I didn't ask for this.

I only heard about the legend of the forbidden rip a few weeks ago. I haven't had the stones to go find a mirror of it, but simply hearing about it made me lose more sleep than I'm comfortable admitting.

Yes, BoI is all about body horror shock humor (Fistula is a good example). Yes, BoI is all about references to long-lost things. But when your "dank" mod is something a semi-popular music channel had to pull the plug on and FORMALLY APOLOGIZE FOR BRINGING INTO EXISTENCE, it's time to really consider pulling the plug on.

better would be if it was a dead bird...
felix no      
Uh Oh! You friccin moron! You just got BEANED!!!!
January 16, 2020 - 9 months ago

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