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The Sinning of Isaac
An unfinished mod that currently modifies most characters.
Created 6 years ago
Many years ago, a group of children lived in a house, teeming with a overactive and dark imagination. They created characters, villains and heroes, based off of their religious teachings. They created stories, models, art and much more of their characters.

Yet, as they grew older, they started to grow a disbelief for their religious teachings, and they lost faith in their characters. Everything related to them was thrown into the Basement. As everyone else grew up and moved along, there was one child who held on tightly to this fictional world. With no one left to believe in the world with him, he grew unstable. He thought that everything that existed was in that world. He saw amalgams, creatures of weird proportions. He thought this was horrifying.

One day, he jumped into a well in his yard, to try escape these monsters. He landed in the filled well, and he almost drowned. The lack of oxygen in his brain, however, caused permanant damage. He drifted into a coma in which he would never wake up.

The events in this mod are in the mind of this child.
And this world is all he is now.


The current content only modifies the starting items and looks for characters, no including the Keeper as I have no ideas for him as of yet. The characters are:
- The Saviour (Isaac) Spawns with The Bible, Blood of the Matyr, Holy Light!, The Sun card, and a Bible Tract.
1 spirit heart.

- The Eternal (Maggie) Spawns with Dead Dove, Aquaris, and Dry Baby, along with the Lovers card.
6 black hearts.

- Son of the Vampire (Cain, do you get it?) Spawns with Blood Rights, Mom's Locket, Charm of the Vampire, and a Leech.
2 black hearts.

- The Tormented (Judas) Spawns with Tech 2 and Loki's Horns.
1 red heart.

- Bob (Blue Baby) Spawns with Bob's Rotten Head, Bob's Bladder, Ipecac and Bob's Brain.
2 soul hearts.

- The Angel (Eve) Spawns with Prayer Card, Holy Grail, and Spear of Destiny. (For some reason, the spear is not working with the Holy Grail)
2 red hearts.

- The Nightmare (Samson) Spawns with Book of Sin, Bomber Boy, Pyromaniac, and Dr. Fetus.
1 black heart.

- Reaper (Azazel) Spawns with Tiny Planet and Ceremonial Robes.
Half a black heart.

- The Unknown (Lazarus) Spawns with Lemon Mishap and 20/20
3 red hearts.

- The Ethereal (Eden) I tried to add Holy Mantle. Only difference right now is that her hair is gone temporarily so she looks like a black Isaac.

- The Lost is unedited currently.

- The Vengeful (Lazarus Risen) Spawns with Death's Touch.
1 red heart.

- The Free (Dark (light in this case...) Judas)
2 soul hearts.

- Summoner (Lilith) (Glitched...) Also spawns with Child Leash and Succubus. She is supposed to look different but her hair is still there. She can also shoot now.

- Keeper is currently unchanged.

Future Updates!

-Severely upgrade some characters.
-Work on new textures and enemies.


x 14

- Fixed the screenshots

Lol, obviously you don't edit the hardest characters
Made a small Video with the Mod installed.

This looks interesting. I'll download it and try it later.
the mod is great, but Eden isn't female (neither male)
I like it i think i will use this mod 4 ever
April 10, 2022 - 4 months ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!