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Immersive boss music!
Adds Immensely Immersing Immersive Immersion to boss music
Created 8 years ago

This adds immersive music to your boss battles

Thanks for downloading!

If you want something changed or find any bugs,please post in the comments.


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- added ambush jingle so there is no vanilla boss music

- Added boss "Ambush" music so It doesn't feel out of place.

For once, a mod in this site is just so incredibly random and unnecessary that it somehow wraps around to being great.
this is the best fucking mod i've ever installed
I'm glad you like it,thanks for the supportive feedback!
only request: make one where they're all cheeseburger in paradise
Here you go:
lol what even is this? Still, nice job.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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