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Loaded Isaac 2.0: Special Rooms
Adds a TON of special rooms of all types.
Created 4 years ago
(Note: This mod works perfectly as it is and still has a lot of content but is not completely finished. I never got around to adding all the content I wanted in it, so I'm releasing it as is for now. I likely will update this more, however.)

Loaded Isaac 2.0 is a recreation of an old project of mine. This mod is focused on adding in lots of new rooms to make gameplay more rewarding and to encourage the player to seek out rooms they would not go for in the past. For instance, secret rooms are much better now, whether they contain an item or not.

This mod currently adds:
- 62 new curse rooms
- 36 new treasure rooms (all guarantee an item, but some are guaranteed extra loot while others contain enemies and danger)
- 23 new secret rooms

What more will be added:
- ALL SPECIAL ROOM TYPES. As previously mentioned, I've had this laying around for a while so I'm going to release what currently exists and update it later as more content is added.

Unzip the file, and copy the rooms folder to your The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources folder, which should be in your Steam directory, unless you're a dirty pirate.


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Shame I only just ran across this. While Antibirth is a big release right now, just looking through the rooms in the Basement Renovator shows that what you've got here looks really fun and promising, and I'll certainly use this once Afterbirth+ releases!
Thanks! I hope you'll enjoy it at some point.
Looks promising, keep up the good work!
Yes? What's your question lol

It's not hard to make new rooms...
April 5, 2021 - 6 days ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.