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Suitable Items
This suits me...
Created 8 years ago
Welcome to the SUITABLE ITEMS MOD!

What this mod does is it just adds items to characters that suit them more, simple as that!

Some characters may be a little OP and some characters might be a little...well... find out yourself!

If you have any suggestions for items I should give a character just drop a comment below and I will see into it!

Thanks for checking out my mod, have fun!



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very nice! sadly i don't have afterbirth
Sorry, I'm not entirely sure how to make compatible with Rebirth
It's okay, a good mod none the less
I think, you'll do something different in the future update
it's nice
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!