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No Clip Mod
This mod allows you to freely walk everywhere
Created 8 years ago

Demo - Video:


This mod allows you to walk freely in any room you like. It removes the collision-detection of the player (however you can be hit)
Things you might be interested in:

+ walk over any obstical you like (but you can get damage)
+ walk outside of any room-borders (for nice screenshots or so)
+ use a door from the other side (good for cursed room doors to avoid damage)

- you cant walk throught an closed door (any kind of)
- walking over spikes still causes damage
- enemys still can hit you

Afterbirth Version by 'Logical'


x 41
were do i download the binding of isaac: rebirth mod?
*Facepalm* On the BIG GREEN DOWNLOAD BUTTON (this link:
Could be used for seeing just how the game functions.
This + Ludovico + Lump of Coal
nobody says that this mod is for fun. it has other qualitys.
this makes the game boring ·_·
April 10, 2022 - 6 months ago
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