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Boom Baby Boom (challenge)
do you like explosions?then this challenge is perfect for you
Created 8 years ago

this is not the hardest challenge but its a fun run !

you start off with

Dr. fetus
Number one
soy milk

bosses have 200% health so its a bit harder

try to find as much bomb upgrades as you can like

glitter bombs
scatter bombs

play with isaac and defeat isaac that is the challange good luck !


x 7
would you guys like to have more challenge runs like this?
Sounds pretty fun to me. I wonder what will happen if I pick up Brimstone and Sad Bombs during this challenge.
Does it replace a certain challenge?
Does it replace a character's items?

Please explain what is replaced when I download this,
there is nothing replaced its only a fun challenge run you start out with certain items and your goal is to kill isaac use this program to inject the settings(challenge) into your game
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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