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The SPOOKING of Isaac
a crazy new challenging way to play
Created 5 years ago
Welcome to the spook. Is Isaac no longer bewilderingly overwhelming and hard as hell? Do you miss it? This might help.

  • Shuffled and randomized enemy population
  • Adjusted gameplay curve to start fast and hard and end faster and harder
  • New rules for special rooms allow and even force you to find new ways to strategize
  • Bigger and tougher fights with all bosses
  • Plentiful tricks and treats
  • A whole new way to play the game that won't come easy

At this point, no more patches are intended except for potentially bug fixes or emergency balance adjustments. If you find any bugs, let me know. Have fun!


x 109

- removed additional content

- nerfed the arg for the TESTAMENT EVIL mod for THE BINDING OF ISAAC

- included additional content

- Fixed a potential floor-transition freeze involving the game trying to load a horseman boss room from the wrong angle

- Expanded item pools (especially treasure), adjusted some weights, changed + added treasure rooms

- Fixed boss sound effect playing on non-boss enemy deaths

- Updated readme

- Other mysterious minor adjustments including a tiny reskin

- What else can I say? Top billin'

- Added more boss room variants

- Nerfed secret rooms a bit

- Made it much less likely to breakfast out your item pools

- Rebalanced shops! (default and hard files are slightly less generous, easy is more)

- Fixed a problem with mega satan deciding to just sit there and chill for eternity

- Divided difficulty of final 2 chapters (sheol + dark room are now substantially more difficult than cathedral + chest)

- Changed the items within Dark Room's starting room

- Tweaked final chapter enemy generation to prefer fewer, stronger enemies (mostly bosses)

- Greatly increased half-heart spawn rate in final chapter rooms

- Added more variations of boss rooms (mostly chapter 2)

- Readjusted trap room generation, fixed trap room placement bugs, chance of trap rooms, enabled epicac trap rooms

- Lowered chance of plague rooms (large swarm of 1 enemy type), especially in chapter 1

- Added chance for plague rooms to fill with 2 enemy types instead of 1

- Lowered chance of broken synergies via devil deals and angel deals (angel rooms now have better chances)

- Removed golden keys (mostly) and increased spawn rate of keys in normal rooms to compensate

- Tweaked curse rooms to often include The Moon, changed Secret rooms to sometimes have small penalties to items rather than enemies

- Disabled champion chance of Mom's Hand

- Slightly rebalanced shop for the millionth time

- Thanks for making Spook the featured mod!

- Included an EASY and HARD version of the special rooms file alongside the default version for those who would like to tune the difficulty further in either direction. (Check the readme)

- Redesigned elements of the Blue Womb and the Hush fight

- Substantially increased health on Judas' starting Punching Bag

- Enabled Champion versions of many enemies which could not be champions before

- Rebalanced devil/angel pools to offer fewer gamebreaking synergies

- Made further preventative measures against attaining early flight

- Improved generation code involving placement of trap off-switches

- Disabled the spawning of Swingers and limited the spawning of Eye and Bloodshot Eye to normal-sized rooms

- Other minor rebalances, additions, and touchups

- Best tiny hotfix yet!

- Fixed a problem with fighting The Haunt in one boss rush room

- Slightly rebalanced some characters

- Fixed a bug causing trap door to not spawn after Duke (whoops)

- Fixed crash occurring when soul hearts should spawn for mac users (with any luck)

- Added several halloween reskins

- Added additional versions of most early boss fights, boss rush rooms, and trap door sections

- Added a restock machine to shops

- Several other small rebalances incl to Devil/Angel rooms

- Fixed cause of rare crash caused by forcing big rooms in level generation by (tragically) removing that feature

- Rebalanced difficulty, pace, and randomizing for typical room sizes

- Added a few graphical changes

- Removed player graphics for black candle and champion belt, given that all players start with them

- Further rebalanced all shops

- Rebalanced items available in shop

- Changed the start of big-only floors to chapter 3

- Changed all arcades

- Added a few minor graphical changes

- Added MONEY=POWER to blue womb shop

- Reupload, attempt to fix download error

Very Good mod i love the hard dificulty but its jusst not for me thanks for making this mod its good
Delete this account. I know this guy and the only mods he talks about are nude mods for elder scrolls oblivion. He's never even played Isaac.
because keeper wasn't hard enough
Great mod! I love how it really changes up how you play and approach different aspects of the game. I've beaten it (to Mega Satan) with every character. I'm not sure if it was intended, but I usually got the key by using a sacrifice room. Still a very challenging mod and a lot of fun.
Dude, Melon... great mod, great super spoopy mod, you did well...
I recommend trying out my mod...2451
im commenting for the coin. but the mod looks good anyway
i can download all other mods sept this one? is it afterbirth
Yo this Stuff is pretty good! damn shooting chests got me good!
Yo this Stuff is pretty good! damn shooting chests got me good!
much obliged! let it never be said that melon doesn't deliver on thrills and chills
it doesn't get spookier than this
omg, this mod has 666 downloads and 666 coins...
Right now, this mod has 666 downloads. 3Spooky5Me
I was hoping it worked on rebirth Still good though
Sorry man! Best of luck with disposable income to anybody who still needs afterbirth.
This makes the game 3 times harder its great!
this piece of shit is the biggest buzzword mod of 2016 ive never seen such a meaningless fucking description, nuclear apocalypses broke ass english has more meaning than this shit

atleast the mod is such a catastrophic trainwreck not even the creator wants to update this trash

honestly download heretic mod
I change my mind, this guy's right
Nice mod. I'm sure alot of people would like this.
April 5, 2021 - 6 days ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.