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You reposted in the wrong chest
Replaces the normal chest theme with something more...Interestin
Created 4 years ago
I had to..Forgive me


x 143
> be me
>get to the chest
>hear this
Chest theme is good. but..... THIS IS ART
Blue Baby likes pussy - Me 2016 "Had to say it"
You are forgiven, you didn't need to though.
Is this music from Payday 2? (this music cool )
I would recommend an edit to this mod so it also plays elevator music in the items shop. That would be perfect.
this is so good somehow.
what's the base song, though
been wanting to know it for real long Glue70 Casin
Papa bless!

\[ T ]/ Praise the sun!!!!!!
January 16, 2020 - 4 months ago

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