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Mario RPG Battle Mod
Replace Boss Battle Themes with Mario RPG Themes
Created 5 years ago

Mario RPG Battle Mod

Never Let Up!

This mod replaces all boss battle music with music from Mario RPG soundtracks. Also included are some optional sound effects.


Basic Boss Fight: Superstar Saga Boss Fight
Alt. Boss Fight: O'Chunks Fight
Mom Fight: Regular Dimentio Fight
Womb Fight: Princess Shroob Fight
Satan Fight: In the Final
Dark Room Fight: Adventure's End
Chest Fight: Brobot L-Type Fight


x 32

- Added Music for Afterbirth Boss Fight

Change Mom's theme to Cackeletta's ORIGINAL theme
Now the Boss Fights are more EPIC!
If you go to a channel on youtube named Hutts, he made a great tutorial on downloading mods.
First of all, great mod! But in my opinion it isn't worth to play it a long time because only boss fights are replaced, and in combination with other sound mods like the original isaac, zelda or undertale it just doesn't work out.
I would really appreciate if you could also change the normal music, because you hear the boss music only a couple of seconds and not more than 2 minutes!
Are you planning on adding a song for the Isaac boss fight in The Cathedral?
I like the preview track that I hear by clicking the play-button on this site here. What's the name of this track?
I can't find it on your track-list, is it an official track?
Sounds more like a remix to me. /

The song is "In the Final." It comes from Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. It should play when you fight Satan, not sure why it didn't.
In the game, it plays when you fight Dark Bowser.
This didn't work for me sadly, maybe i installed it wrong? is there something i missed?
You needed to extract the zip file and then it should've said music. What you needed to do was go inside the battle ogg file in your BOI folder and drag over the music given to you in the mod. It will tell you that you have similar files and it will ask if you want to replace the files. You need to say yes and it should then make it so that your battle music is now that of Mario RPG music.
Oooooh, xD i didn't know you had to replace the music sorry bout that, its my first purely audio mod.
Good job! I can imagine lots of people who would use this!
April 5, 2021 - 3 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.