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Fly me to the moon boss music
Spice it up with some good ol Bayonetta
Created 8 years ago
Just a quick mod


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I don't know how to mod music into Afterbirth please help! ;-;
Beyonetta has has to have some of the best music iv'e ever heard in a video game.
Rar files don't work for me, so I'd be delighted if you could make a version with a zip file! Thanks so much ^^
Wait a minute, found a way to make it work!
Hey Gladish if you have a windows computer like windows 10, I suggest you download "RAR Opener" It helps extract rar. files into zip. files! Glad I could help! ^^
Okay, I'll give that a shot. Thanks! (sorry for the late reply btw)
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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