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Undertale Monsters
this mods add some undertale monsters to the game
Created 5 years ago
you want undertale monsters??

they're here!!!

this mods includes:
-bosses replaced by undertale monsters, they are:

-some monsters too!
* Butterflies as Flies
* Corns as RoundWorm
* Eyeball as lil haunt
-just a item:
* Lil Eyeball! as lil haunt (actually, there's no item.xml, because will overwrite another mod xml!)
-Two versions of this mod! colorful and colorless!

*to install it first you will download the mod, after that, open/decompile the rar and open the folder of your preference (colorless or colorful). Copy the gfx folder and paste it into the resources folder of your game and done!! you got the mod!

*please, if you detect some bug, report it, and we'll fix it!

*we have more ideas for other bosses, if you have some idea, share with us! we'll probably add it!

we're based in Undertale, The Binding Of Undertale, and its dlc. thanks everyone


x 85

- Bug fixes:

- Gyftrot now shoots slower

- Some Bosses Sprites Bugs fixed (like Astigmatism)

- Now there are all bosses images in the mod description!

- Coming soon more bosses and enemies

- EDIT: fixed the mod description colapsed

If you still alive, can you help me create a NEW boss for A+ (can be found only in Sheol (New Home (or in my mod - New Ruins) ) )? (It is Toriel (In Original - Asgore).
i can help you, but in graphical parts, i can't make codes (it's really hard for me :'v) so now i'm just waiting the updates of the game, and if i do something related to mods, they are just graphical mods, i hope i can help you. Sorry if my english or grammar are bad, i'm not an english speaker at all
1. You from Country (i'm not from Eng. Speaking Country too, i from Russia).
2. Okay, you can make sprite.
Are You going to create more creatures like these?
Oh, You stole my heart with this idea ♥
Hey, i'm curently working on some Undertale monsters too, and I discovered your mod, I already got some work, wanna team up ?
actually, i saw your mod too, (Muffet Pet) and i want to, but y' know, i'm pretty busy actually, probably coming soon ;)
Its been a while are there gonna be anymore updates?
ok ty just wanted to know if this mod was still alive
yes, it is. actually i'm busy with xmas and those things, probably in January or February
k ty for info also might as well wait for afterbirth+ its in a couple of weeks
Fantastic mod, I wonder if anyone has suggested Loki to be Madjick P: since floats around and stuff
yes, I suggested that, but i'm not sure how it gonna be
I see! Wait, Little Horn could be good too, since he uses a ball to attack you like Madjick
hum, interesting, both ideas are great
i have A lot of Ideas for Bosses, you can take bosses from Warhamm's Underswap Mod there's a lot of new monster's!
i'm glad you have ideas for me, but they are already in use by others mods, thanks i guess
We just take only monsters from your mod...
thats not a problem, i'm glad you use my monster, but i won't use monsters from others mods
How you open .anm2 files? I want to create my own monsters.
Idea: Gurdy Jr. = Moldsmal,Gurdy = Moldbyyg.
its a great idea!, but gyftrot is gurdy, actually i'll try do a sub boss?
Oh okay then also,here is another smol idea: Gish = Vulkin.
No joke, I'm SURE this is an amazing mod, but I wish there were more monsters available at release.

Actually, I suggest you should add some of the characters as bosses. and I don't mean any fan characters like blueberry sans or someone like that. I mean like Undyne or mettaton.
actually, Undyne its a great idea, i won't add mettaton because of the binding of undertale dlc.
Undyne is actually why I'm waiting to make my mod until Afterbirth+ comes out.

I want her battle (and battles like it) to be a s unique as possible, and I've heard that you can only do few things with mods right now.
I could definitely help you when the time comes (provided I could have some practice at spriting her first).

I heard AB+ is coming out REALLY soon, so I just want to be ready.
Wtf?????? Я русский!&
Oh,i can combine it with the binding of undertale,cool dude
Like it but... Gyftrot shoots way too fast. Probably because of the edited animation file.
April 5, 2021 - 6 days ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.