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Start with Spider Mod!
Every character now starts with Spider Mod!
Created 6 years ago
I found the item Spider Mod to be a nice callback to Spider Mod, back in Vanilla Isaac. Unfortunately, I rarely came across the item, and you usually had to buy it from a shop. So, what if you simply just started it?
Keep yourself informed on enemy health, at all times, with this handy mod!

Thanks to Wolter for helping me create this mod.

If you have trouble installing, let me know in the comments!


A very nice person, by the name of PopNotes, has made a mod to be paired with this one, that makes Spidermod invisible on the ground. Click here if you wish to download it!


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This mod does not seems to work anymore :c
Sorry guys, I haven't been on the modding scene in years. I have no clue if this is compatible anymore or not.
its not working for me i havw afterbirth did you mean to put afterbirth+ ?
or is the mod just not working for me
For some reason, Azazel seems to start with 2 Spider Mods and only 1 demon heart. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
Oh gosh, I'm so sorry...I have a new PC and I've lost all of my tools and mods for Afterbirth at the moment. I'm not sure if I can fix that anytime soon...
Maybe once Afterbirth+ comes out, I can redo this mod, and make it better. Also have the Keeper start with Spider Mod.
In rebirth is not spidermod
so get afterbirth idiot
I won't ask "why doesn't Keeper start with it", I'll answer that question: you didn't add any item for him.
So my question is: why didn't you even try to add it?
Adding items to Keeper was tricky, I found. Sheesh, I didn't make him start with it out of laziness, it was just too hard
Well, I'll tell you how to add it then.
Anywhere in his line (I don't know, between his HP and his ID for example) add this:
(Since 403 is the ID of the spider mod item.)

So you'll end up with this:
[...stuff] hp="4" items="403" id="14" [more stuff...]
Boom. He starts with it. You're welcome.
I've tried doing that, and it simply didn't work.
Strange, because it works perfectly on my side.
April 10, 2022 - 10 months ago
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