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Isaac and his mother SHUT UP! (for real!)
Created 8 years ago

Story and installation:

A few weeks ago, I uploaded a mod which removes completely the intro animation. In the comments, someone (yes, you, 162008) posted a silly idea: the intro should really say "SHUT UP" near the start and go to the "press start" screen.


Took me a few hours, but I made it. So here it is!

You'll notice two folders, "Rebirth" and "Afterbirth". Put the content of the appropriate folder in resources, and it's done.
I also included the original sound file for the "SHUT UP" part and its edited version used for the mod.
Link for the original sound file.

Merging this mod with other animation mods:

- Afterbirth
Quite easy. Two files, make sure they're not overwritten by another mod, boom.

- Rebirth
A little more tricky. You'll notice the Rebirth version is quite heavier than the Afterbirth version of the mod. It's due to technical limitations (or my own stupidity, who knows, but that's the only workaround I found).

The only, really needed files for this mod are:
All the other files are originals, so you can mod them the way you want. But keep in mind, they have to exist!

Quite hard to take a screenshot for that... I could put a short video of the intro, but I guess it would spoil the fun. :P
If moderators disagree, I'll record it and post it as fast as I can. No problem.

Previous mod which leaded to this one: 2312


x 22

When put the afterbirth file that i opened in notepad in resources the game doesnt open

Notepad? What?
If you have Afterbirth, place both "gfx" and "music" folders (from the Afterbirth folder from this mod) in "resources", nothing more. You don't have to open anything using notepad.
Been looking for something like this for a while
This sounds like a hilarious idea but for some reason i can't get it to work, i put the afterbirth file in the resources file but it just plays the intro normally.
Did you put the whole Afterbirth subfolder or only the files within it?
for some I can't get it to work can someone help?
Did you follow the installation instructions correctly?
By the way, you have to wait until the narrator says "Isaac and his mother...", it won't cut the intro before that.
Can other mods do so it won't work? because I have some other, but I can't figure out if it overwrites it
Which other mods do you have? I can check if you want.
Haha, for some reason I was 200% sure it'd be Smosh's famous "SHUT UP".
Isaac and his mother liv SHUT Up (smosh video starts)
This was indeed a very good idea, so, thanks! I think I'll keep this mod in my game. :P
This is hilarious, I'm downloading this
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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