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Binding of Isaac Advance
Gameboy Advance-like reskin!
Created 6 years ago
This is not like other reskin mods i made that i abandoned. (Like Isaac's doodle, Vanilla's Rebirth, Binding of mario, etc.)
I'm working on this mod very slowly but I am working on it, so be patient if it seems like i never update it.

Whatever. This mod basically makes the game look like a GBA game. And... Well... that's all...

You know how to install it. So enjoy!

There's a psvita port of this by user Red, you can download it here

Also, if you want to report a bug or maybe a suggestion, consider posting in this thread. That would be really helpful

Some characters (very few) have reskins!

Note 2: I will not allow anyone to use the sprites of this mod, so don't even bother asking ;)


x 395

- The caves improved

- Depths

- A few more items

- Characters

- Stuff i dont remember right now

Will this be updated for Repentance?
Awesome reskin!, btw can you fix cain's eye patch?
isaac is cute also i love the mushrooms thank you
Mhh I like the mod as more ...... merry
I have Afterbirth and for some reason it replace the alternative areas (burning basement, flooded caves and others) into the GBA Basement, caves and others coul ypu create a afterbirth version?
I had a GBA for about 7 years before it was lost after I moved and it was the best time I had while playing video games. Much love from me!
This is fully sick! I hope any other mods you make are this awesome.
This is a great visual mod and i'm so glad that you started working on it, and am even more excited about (hopeful) continuing of the mod! Thanks for making it and i can't wait to see what you have in store for us! (pls don't abandon this dope mod)
hiiii thanks for the update, but would you mind putting in some pics of the new reskins, thanks!
Heck yes, an update ! ♥
I just have one complain : I feel like red poops are just not red enough, I sometimes happened to run into them without caring because I couldn't tell they were red poops until I stepped on them. Now I double check almost every time, which is counter-productive. Also I feel like tinted rocks are a bit harder to find.
Otherwise, keep up the good work !
Edit : You solved the red poop issues, thanks. I should have checked before posting.
I've noticed something that bugs me on Cain. You drew his eye patch on his head part of the costume's file, which is not the case in the original version. So when you face left, this happens.
I like the mod but the poop and the hearts on the HUD really bother me
DUDE!!!! this it's just amazing!!! i love it!!! i REALLY love it!
April 10, 2022 - 4 months ago
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