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The Binding of Mario
Play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, etc. in the Mushroom Kingdom!
Created 5 years ago

[b]Sorry for keeping you waiting so long[b]


The Binding of MARIO Afterbirth 1.0 by: [ArMM1998] & [tipo19] (Wolter)

*Special thanks to [Nintendofan37](*

Twitter acc: [@BindingofMario]( We'll post updates of what we're up to.

***Using this mod does not disable achievements***

**Feature List:**

- Mario, Luigi, Peach (+Toadsworth), Bowser Jr. , Toad, E.Gadd, Cosmic Mario and Rosalina as playable characters
- Mario's Music in-game!
- Mario based Floors!
- Some monsters changed
- 10 Mario Bosses
- Main menu
- Some items changed
- Hidden stuff lol (Even in this post)
- ETC.



[First album](

[Second album](

[Third album](

[Fourth album](

[Fifth album (Newer)](


[Download 0.1](
[Download 0.2](
[Download 0.3](
[Download 0.4](
[Download 0.51](

[Download 0.6](

[Download 0.7 (New!)](

[Mediafire mirror](

You can see the evolution of the mod


x 1263

- Now it really works with Afterbirth

- Not working with afterbirth, at least not the newest version.

- If you really want to play this, use the Rebirth version (0.7) and desabile Afterbirth on Steam

- Hopefully Boo Mario is not invincible anymore

- No afterbirth support yet. BE PATIENT!

- Fixed the "Undergroun" word

- Bowser's castle

- New arcade room

- Boo mario! :D

- 7 new enemies

- 5 new bosses

- UI update

Finally I can play both two of my favourite games in one game
How did you get it working?
I followed the instructions in "Help", extracting the .rar to C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources/ and it just did nothing
is this only change the look of the game or does it have new items etc.?
I found this weird bug and I don't know what caused it but I was playing the 'have a heart' challenge and I got lord of the pit as a boss drop, I picked it up and my game crashed, I've reloaded that specific run multiple times but every time i pick it up the game crashes and it's always just before it's about to go into effect.
Wont let me delete it for a random reason but this mod is very beautiful
i just want one thing from this mod , W A L U I G I
when i put the mod in the folder and i enter to the game it works but the hud of the game still being the same than the normal game, also the pull of the characters doesnt changed still being the normals, any solution pls??

I am impressed by the beauty and creativity of this mod.Realy good job!
i cant enter the mod (idk howExtract the rar in the game's resources folder)

get winRAR so you can open .rar folders
Please if your gonna use adventures end in this game do it for a dreamy browser like boss replacing delirium OK its not proper to use a great final boss ost in a not final boss.
Kind remarks John
January 16, 2020 - 8 months ago

Maintenance complete! We have moved to a new web server! Speed and stability should be improved. If you notice any issues, please mention them in our Discord server.