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Gurdy Mode
The new greed mode
Created 8 years ago
This mod is largely based off of Monstro Mode, which is based vaguely on True Greed Mode. However, this replaces the enemies with either Gurdy Jr.'s or Gurdy's.
This mod can be easy or hard. Usually no matter what, it is lengthy. So be prepared for a lot of waiting at times!
Chaos is also added to the pools which can make the devil/angel deals pointless but it does make the treasure rooms much more varied and possibly overpowered.
Good luck!


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Does this not work with Afterbirth+ or am I just installing it wrong?
I'm surprised that isn't a more common comment. Not in this version. I started to make a second but said nah
when i click on the download button the download shows up but when i click on the download to put it in my files it doesn't open.SO PLZ HLP
You probably need to extract it first.
Ive seen this mod before, and I would REALLY like to play it, however, I seem to be unable to put it into the game correctly. I have looked at the help section and placed it into the "right" place, but I can not get it into my game. PLEASE HELP
When you download the folder it is not a .zip file so you must open it with win-rar or 7Zip then drag the contents out.
you should add the other 2 gurds. for earlier and later floors. (gurdlings and mama gurdy)
Monstro Mode? Pff... easy sauce. Gurdy Mode? Are you people sadists?
This mod will make your life hurt,but i gonna like it,haha
inb4 a mod that replaces every monster with a boss.
I coment about this in the mod "Monstro mode", lol
another mod type: monstro mod, mod blood...
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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