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TBoIR: Mod Conversion Kit
Automatically convert all of your favorite mods to your consoles
Created 2 years ago

The Binding Of Isaac PC > Console Mod Converter!

Have you ever wanted to use your favorite PC mods on your consoles or handheld devices? Well now you can with this nifty converter.

The way this converter works is by loading up your mod's GFX folder and converts all of the files to console friendly format. Once the mods are converted then it is just a matter of you uploading your new GFX and the rest of your mod files to your system with your exploit of choice.

You need HENkaku to use these on the PSvita and CFW on a Nintendo 3DS to build and use a new CIA.

For a guide on how to use these on the Nintendo 3DS I recommend following this guide

For uploading the mods to your PSVita I recommend following this guide

Thank you both Cakes and pm2k for assisting me with this tool. Without you this wouldn't be possible!


x 18

- Fixed a bug that would break mods after multiple conversions

- Added notification sound upon completion

- Made it more clear when the tool is running to prevent users from interupting its work

- Changed the name of the tool

- Added support for converted mods from Console => PC

- Changed the tools design and increased performance

- Added a hyperlink to the official Se7ensins thread and my twitter

Could you play Afterbirth+ on 3DS? I mean if the game thinks Afterbirth+ is a mod it might work... PLEASE TEST THAT and upload a video or something
Glad you enjoy it! You should try it when you have some free time! I have personally converted over 50 mods with this tool!
ahhhhh what about xbox though i really hope it works or you can get it to
Much like the PS4 the xbox hasn't been exploited yet so you can't access the game's files. Because of that this tool doesn't support X1 and PS4 yet
This will work for the Wii U as well as long as you have access to your games files with Homebrew. The PS4 hasn't been exploited yet
ah, i still need a regular SD card to homebrew, so i guess im off to do that!
Good tool, once an easier way to soft-downgrade a 3DS to 9.2 comes out, I'll utilize it too!
Not gonna lie, the 3DS one looks pretty daunting. I may just stick with my vanilla ice cream. :P
June 5, 2018 - 4 months ago

The download button will now give additional details and link to a helpful announcement when you have not been verified as owning the game.