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Created 6 years ago
Hey guys, this is my Terraria Mod! It is just a reskin and not of the highest quality but I hope you like it nonetheless!


A long time ago when I made this mod I thought I would make an Afterbirth+ version some day. Sadly I ended up being too busy to commit to it and only lost motivation as time went on. The mod is thus abandoned for now. Thank you for all your support back when this was still active!

My original vision for the Afterbirth+ version of this mod:
-More Terraria enemies and bosses
-Some completely new Items in addition to the reskins
-Most of the Terraria biomes
-Redesigned game progression (New order of biomes)
-Bigger Floors?
-Shops inhabited by NPCs
-Fixes for all the graphics

About the current mod:

Moar Screenshots:


-Basement/Cellar is now Underground Biome
-Caves is now Cavern Biome
-Catacombs is Ice Caves Biome
-Depths/Necropolis is Underground Jungle
-Womb/Utero is Underground Crimson
-Sheol is Underground Corruption
-Chest is Lihzahrd Temple
-Cathedral is Underground Hallow
-Dark Room is Dungeon
-Shops look different
-Secret rooms look different
-Terraria Music for every floor, Title screen and most
-Dead Bird is Raven Staff
-Headless baby is Crimson Rod
-Holy water has a new look
-The Box is a wooden crate
-Pandora's Box is a golden crate
-Normal bombs look Terraria-like
-Standard HP-ups are Heart crystals
-Every pill is a mushroom
-Mom's Knife is Vampire Knifes
-Lord of the pit is Demon Wings
-The Boomerang is Enchanted Boomerang
-Scapular is Frozen Turtle Shell
-Notched Axe is a pickaxe
-We need to go deeper is a pickaxe
-Most Hearts look Terraria-like
-Keys look Terraria-like
-Most Money looks Terraria-like
-Most Chests look Terraria-like
-Lil' Haunt is a Creeper
-Spoon Bender is Clorophyte Bullets
-Fire Mind is Magma Stone
-Common Cold is Flask of Venom
-Scorpio is Flask of Poison
-Compass has a new look
-Treasure map has a new look
-Crystal ball has a new look
-Teleport! is Rod of Discord
-Steam Sale is Discount Card
-Pisces is Titan Glove
-Mutant Spider is Tsunami
-Iron Bar has a new look
-Mida's Touch has a new look
-Technology is Heat Ray
-Cursed Eye is Clockwork Assault Rifle
-Trinity Shield is Cobalt Shield
-Monstro's Tooth is Slime Crown
-Dr. Fetus is Grenade Launcher
-Epic Fetus is Rocket Launcher
-Death's Touch is Demon Scythe
-Yum Heart is Horn o Plenty
-Leech is the Spider Pet
-Dry Baby is the Baby Skeletron Head Pet
-The Peeper is the Eyeball Spring Pet
-A Dollar is Money Trough
-Some pill effects have new names
-Some cards are potions
-The Ladder is Ice Rod
-9Volt is Nature's Gift
-Rosary is a Life Fruit
-Jumpy spiders, Greed Heads, jumping worms and Brains are
now slimes
-Some Flies are now bats
-Monstro is now King Slime
-The Haunt is now Brain of Cthulhu
-Mom is now Golem
-Larry Jr. is now The Eater of Worlds
-Mega Satan is now Skeletron
-The small haunts are now Creepers
-Mom's Hand is now a Golem fist
-Explosion sound
-Yum Heart sound
-Pot-breaking sound
-Coin-Pickup Sound
-Damage-taking sound
-The growling of some enemies = Zombie growling
-Monster-killing sound
-Teleportation sound
-Boss-appearing sound
-key/bomb pickup sound
-unlocking sound
-Laser sound (not the brimstone one and it's still annoying)
-Minor changes to the intro
-New loading images

Tell me about problems and bugs!

I know about following problems:

-Ground textures looking cut-off
-Pits, some "doors" and some other stuff having the wrong colour
-Bomb rock graphics not being up to date

Thanks to:
9595 for designing some doors and the Larry Jr. sprite
Everyone who had good ideas and shared them with me
Everyone who supported me

No up-to-date videos.

How to install


x 464

- The Ladder is now Ice Rod

- 9Volt is now Nature's Gift

- Fixed the missing Brain of Cthulhu

- Rosary is a Life Fruit and gives more hearts

- New Floor: The Hallow

- New Floor: The Dungeon

- Trinity Shield is now Cobalt Shield

- Monstro's Tooth is now Slime Crown

- Dr.Fetus is now Grenade Launcher

- Epic Fetus is Rocket Launcher

- The Headless Horseman is now the Terraria one

- Death's Touch is now Demon Scythe

- Some Items look better

- Yum Heart is now Horn o Plenty

- Leech is now the Spider Pet

- Dry Baby is now the Baby Skeletron Head Pet

- The Peeper is now the Eyeball Spring Pet

- The Dollar is now Money Trough

- Some pill effects have new names

- Iron Bar and Midas Touch have a new 1.3 look

- Some cards are now potions (with 1.3 design)

- New 1.3 coins

- There's not much 1.3 stuff yet but I'll work on that.

- Technology is now Heat Ray

- New laser sound

- Some new doors by Vikrithegamer

- Mutant Spider is Tsunami

- Rubber Cement is Meteor Shots

- Mom is now Golem

- Larry Jr. is now Eater of Worlds

- Another new slime enemy - Yay!

- Pisces is now Titan Glove

- New jungle pots

- Midas Touch has a new look

- Iron Bar has a new look

- Mom's Hand (enemy) is now a Golem fist

- Mega Satan is now Skeletron!

- Cursed Eye is now Clockwork Assault Rifle

- Fixed the Cobalt Pickaxe bug

- The Chest is now Lihzahrd Temple

- Shops look different now

- New loading images (appears when you start a run)

- Fixed some missing sounds and graphics

- Sheol => Corruption

- Holy water looks different

- Headless Baby is now Crimson Rod

- Dead Bird is now Raven Staff

- Bombs look different

- Fixed the explosion sounds - Yay!

- Made the file a bit lighter

- Changed some more Items

- New secret room design (it is still wip though)

- The Haunt is now Brain of Cthulhu

- The small Haunts are his servants (Creepers)

- Lil' Haunt (Item) is now a Creeper

- Pandora's Box is now a golden crate

- The Box is now a wooden crate

- The mushrooms in cavern are now pots aswell

- Moters are now double-bats

- Removed something bad

- Golden Chests are now locked

- New key pickup sound

- New boss room fight starting sound

- Fixed something

- New unlocking sound

- Added new floor: Underground Crimson

- Added King Slime vs-screen

- Changed Mom's Knife to Vampire Knifes

- Changed Scapular to Frozen Turtle Shell

- Changed explosion sound

- Changed pill-eating sound back to normal

- Turned Red chests into shadow chests

- Turned We need to go deeper and notched axe into pickaxes

- Switched some music

- Changed the Boomerang into Enchanted Boomerang

- Changed Yum Heart Sound

- Turned Monstro into King Slime

- Changed Pot breaking sound

- Fixed pill eating sound

- Fixed the Basement music bug

- Took out the unfinished Secret Room

- Made Heart Crystals look better

- Real Version

- True Upload

soy el unico que no le funciona? :``v

Could you puhleaz make a Rebirth OST mod? None of the old mods work and it would be so easy for you compared to the likes of this and it would make so many people sooo happy. So?
would moon lord be delirium? Im thinking so
hush would be lunatic cultist and beating him would spawn the void, like it would be there would be 4 big rooms holding the pillars beating one would unlock 1/4 of the door to moon lord and of coarse beating all unlocks the door. and for the battle there would be like moon lord can spawn pasmortial (or what ever its called clones of the other bosses max limit of 2 at a time. in one 2. you can come up with the rest I'm sure.
good mod but i think moon lord is better than skeletron
i think you should make the rod of discord to replace how to jump and make it look like a small telport
Please make a full remake of it and make new items and bosses instead of just a reskin
this is making me cry :'v nice old times
I haven't seen Terraria many years, nice :p
Message me on steam when you need me again.
Message me on steam when you need me again. :-)
April 5, 2021 - 4 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.