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Monstro Mode
Greed mode? Piece of cake. Monstro mode though?
Created 8 years ago
Simple mod which replaces enemies with monstro's. Harder enemies and most bosses are replaced with monstro 2's, which are more difficult than one might be led to believe.
Get a good combo on the first floor and you might survive. Else...
Good luck.

Have fun!


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When i put it in resourcec pack it still doesnt work . also mod pack
I have Binding of Isaac Afterbirth + and im trying to download this mod but i dont know how to downlod a file any help?
How the hell does this not work? I have the binding of isaac afterbirth and rebirth and this doesnt work.
in rebirth there isnt greed mode so it dosent work sry
This mod is amazing also this mod is kinda like 2344
gnawed leaf+any orbital that does contact damage turns into ez mode

I can't get it working on Afterbirth+
yo squeaks some shit is wrong i have done all i can but i have failed to get the mod to work. what do i do?
I like this mod its sounds o fun but of course i have a mac that docent have .zip folders and I'm just a kid so i don't think my parents want me downloading anything on there computer so i sad
icannot download this! why not I'm on a mac. please tell me

I'm not really sure sorry. It should work.
Are you going to update this for afterbirth+?
Like greedier mode version? maybe. Maybe not though. The modes were kind of a trend, even though this one was relatively iconic along with Bloat mode that hutts played.
I wanted it to be updated because I had a lot of fun with it. I liked it and wanted all the new items to come with it.
Well thank you. I'm glad someone had fun with it. I'll look into it
i also had a TON of fun with this mod, if an updated version were to be released i would be so happy!
Top notch.

Well done, my good sir.

Grazie Chara. Good luck with the genocide of monstros aha.
I extraced so that its a zip file and put it in the my resources folder in binding of issac rebirth, dosen't work please help.
You have afterbirth, correct? Rebirth will not work with it...
Not really lol. It just depends on the great RNGesus
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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