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The Binding of Alternia
Play as the 12 Alternian Trolls of Homestuck!
Created 5 years ago
ANNOUNCEMENT: No, this is not dead. I just have less time to work thanks to school and my webcomic and I also want to wait for Afterbirth+ to make the remaining characters not suck. Looking at you, Eridan.

In a doomed timeline, somewhere in the depths of paradox space, the trolls were successful with their session of SBURB. However, something went wrong once they completed the game. Now they are stuck under some kid's home, and need to escape the never ending dungeon.

This mod is currently in its third release. You may play as Karkat (Isaac), Nepeta (Maggy), Vriska (Cain), Equius (Judas), Terezi (Eve), Gamzee (Samson), Sollux (Azazel), Kanaya (Lazarus), and Doc Scratch (Eden). Obviously in later versions there will be all the characters, but for now you have those three. In addition, there are many more planned features to be added.

Planned Features:
The rest of the trolls (obviously)
Doc Scratch as Eden
Jack Noir as Black Judas
Custom start items for each character (to make them fitting but not broken)
Lord English as Mega Satan
Other major boss changes
Item changes
Possibly floor changes
Possibly music changes
Possibly, after all this, the Beforus trolls and the kids

I decided to make a Discord channel! Have a suggestion? Please post it there and I can easily take a look.

Special thanks-
Andrew Hussie for Homestuck
Everyone else involved in making Homestuck
My friends on Discord for their advice on my spriting and ideas

I accept any suggestions, as long as I find it fitting.
Thanks for downloading!


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- The beginning of the graphical overhaul!

- The Basement, Cellar, and Burning Basement are LOWAS, LOPAH and LOTAF respectively.

- Added Sollux and Gamzee

- Almost entire music changes

- Renovated title screen

- Start item changes

- Added Doc Scratch (Eden)

- Changed several item sprites and descriptions

- Cleaned Kanaya's sprite

- Changed some starting items (hopefully they stayed changed)

- Added Equius, Nepeta and Kanaya (as well as Rainbow Drinker Kanaya).

Am I the only one who cant get the character reskins to work?
Have you installed a mod before? It is the same process as any other mod. It should work, if not let me know.
In the file explorer go to: (the drive where ever you have your steam folder in)/Steam/steamapps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources/Gfx then create a folder called 'characters' and put the costumes folder in the characters folder.
um... i have a question, i´ll buy the game in humble store, (i don´t have account yet) so if i buyed it in that place, i can still put this (or other) mods?
and, yeah, its that the reason why i don´t have the humble account, because here where i live its a little bit more useful buy there but if the mod don´t work in humble i´ll try to get it on steam. :P
You are able to download any mod as long as you have some account to link to a steam account on a legal copy of the game with the legally purchased DLC. I would ask on the Steam forums for the game, as this is not my area of expertise.
Just needs some shading involved for it to look amazing
The shading will come later, once i get a lot more content out, as that is a minor edit kinda thing. Big update tonight once I finish Gamzee.
Do you by chance have a Boss health bar that is related to Homestuck? If not then i could show you one of mine.
No, I do not. Sure, go ahead and show me (if you have discord post it there, it is much easier for me to check things on discord than here).
Here, I only use Steam but I tried to make it work. Also if you want me to tweak it let me know.
I think it looks pretty good, I can add it into the next update.
Do you want me to upload it so you can download it, and if people just want the health bar than the whole mod? or just send it to you somehow?
Post it separately and I will link it for you. Easier to do, at least in my opinion
Though this is a w.i.p, this mod is still good!
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April 5, 2021 - 10 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.