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The Binding of Isaac: Classic Mode
Removes all Rebirth+ content
Created 7 years ago
Re-experience the Wrath of the Lamb with this mod!
Almost everything that was added in Rebirth and Afterbirth has been removed and even things like the floor backdrops have been adjusted!

This mod basically turns the game into a faithful remake of Wrath of the Lamb. None of the Rebirth/Afterbirth items, bosses, pickups or rooms are there.
Just the glorious simplicity and balance of WotL.

This mod is both Rebirth and Afterbirth compatible. In the zip you will find four folders.
One is for Rebirth, one for Afterbirth and the other 2 are the respective versions without the cosmetic changes, if you don't want those.

There are a few things I couldn't remove, notably the Dice Rooms and the Dark Room. I made the Negative invisible to show that you shouldn't take it. Just take the Polaroid if you want a good time.
Chest Rooms and Bedrooms have been replaced with Libraries. They still require 2 keys or bombs to unlock, but I ensured that they have good books in them.

If you want to know the specifics of how I removed something or whether a tiny thing from WoTL is still rebirth-y or has been changed, just leave a comment!

There's also a small gameplay difference between the Rebirth and AB versions: The Rebirth version has the new pills, which the Afterbirth version does not have BUT the AB version has the new AB alt floors and the special Double Trouble rooms Afterbirth introduced, all due to technical limitations.

I heavily recommend using these two mods with this mod for the real Vanilla experience: 91 and 197

Big thanks to _Kilburn for helping me out with troubleshooting and debugging! Without him this project of mine would probably have never come to be!

Special thanks: bomberkir & Appa
Have fun!


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can I update this for afterbirth+?
Feel free too, as my official port and update (which would include a couple of changes that are now finally possible) will probably take a while.
Because Afterbirth sucks and Rebirth has a worse balance than Vanilla
Could you add afterbirth rooms compatibility?
How exactly do you mean? Just add in the afterbirth rooms?
Yeah. For example: "L" room have texture bug with "convex corner" or something like that... Is it possible, please make textures for them.
Oh... well, L rooms aren't even supposed to exist, did you modify the room files?

I could still make a "fixed" version if you really want, might just take a while since im pretty busy right now.
Yeah, i think that room shape's awasome!
Bug: Dangle-Turdlings Double Trouble on the first floor. I think it's supposed to be a Depths/Caves Double Trouble. Seed: GEK3 YCE2

and are the backdrops bigger like the original
it feels good to get away from new Isaac and play classic Isaac sometimes
this makes the game look like it's just a 16 bit version of the original
and you should make it say just "The Binding of Isaac"
and not "The Binding of Isaac: Classic Mode:"
Thanks for the suggestion, that'd actually make sense and the current title screen looks like shit.
I'll change it as part of the upcoming update.
Nice mod, saves me money, don't have to buy the first
Logo was a little misleading, I was expecting Isaac's sprites to become the original hand drawn art.
But, nonetheless, good mod mate!
607 is working on a continuation of the ReFlash mod that will do exactly that and he's making good progress, so stay tuned for that!

Get hyped!
Oh dang! I actually planned on doing this with my own mod, the Pure Classic Isaac Mod, so far it's sound and music classified, but now I have been beating to the graphics!
Either way, looks good!
I'm enjoying having the experience of the original but the performance of Rebirth, but if you're able to, can you change the walls of the Womb and Utero to look more like the original?
Oh, they were shinier, right? I added that to my to-do list for upcoming updates.
Yeah, there were also lots of grey bones lining the walls as well for Womb and Utero
and now I hope that this graphic is an old (drawing) and not the pixel
but so cool mod ;)
With Afterbirth+, you should be able to make much more drastic changes to make it feel more like wotl. I bet you could even implement the classic HUD from wotl with Afterbirth+.
SHOULD is the key word here. A lot of us don't really believe that the API is going to be nearly as complex as Nicalis claims.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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