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Queen Of The Spiders MOD v. 1.00 (WIP)
You'll be playing as the leader of the spiders!
Created 6 years ago
In this mod replaces Eve for the Queen Of The Spiders a powerful character who have 3 items and 1 trinket what combine good:

-spider butt
-mutant spider
-infestation 2

-Pinky Eye

Another features:
-2 Red Hearts
-2 Blue Hearts
-2 Of velocity
-1 Of attack (but is more powerful why mutant spider)
-4 coins
-1 bomb

Have fun with this new character!!

PD:If you have a problem can tell me about this and i will try to fix it.

Crated by Serac111.


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This mod contains:
Characters & Babies
Someone help ME. I need a spriter(Pixel Artist) and a scripter!
if you need a spriter i am rreally willing and wanting to help your art/character sprite needs serious shading double outline
cool, but plz update 4 afterbirth
is it okay if i use the skin for a mod?
Thanks for telling me that, but actually this is my first mod and is just the beginning of what I do.
I'll download/try it later for sure.
But the 2 blue hearts are maybe too much. It seems to be a pretty powerful character.
Seems nicely designed. Will try later for sure.
April 5, 2021 - 2 months ago

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