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Epic Synergy rooms
Synergies and over all your own bullet hells
Created 7 years ago
WARNING: This mod is really old and kinda bad. I made this mod when I was first getting into Isaac modding so... yeah.

This mod may not be continued due to bugs, but there are 40-41 possible rooms that contain synergies that can be amazing, some cheap synergies, and some over all fun synergies! All the synergy rooms replace the treasure/item rooms and the room you start in always spawn with a key. You could also combine synergies and see how they function together!

If you have some synergies you don't see in the mod, put it in the comments and I will ad it into the mod in a future update.

Have fun everyone and have fun nuking this amazing game with this mod!

Know bugs:

Same item room always spawning when mod is installed with other floor files. Found by profsnowleopard



This mod has been discontinued and is no longer being supported.


x 80
Мод почемуто не работает но хз мб я не правильно установил
Помогите если сможете
мод неработающее говнище
Gish просто у тебя руки с сраки
Если русские тут есть, то пожалуйста помогите:
1.Укажите путь куда нужно скинуть файлы
2.Что кидать, папку Rooms или Special rooms?
SANNESS там короче походу в ресурсы кидать мод надо
не работает

Этот мод для последа только, не послед плюс
Afterbirth + does not want this to work, you can install the mods manually but recently it crashed on run startup.
can you look up regegaming on youtube and try to make his synergy lab mod?
I like how this mod helps you to discover some of the most OP synergies in the game, however it can be a bit too OP so I created
Save just for it, that's how awesome this mod is
Hey, I really appreciate it ^^

Im gonna make either a uodate or a second version of the mod and it should have a balance of not to strong synergies and really powerful ones and a optional patch to make enemies have more health to enjoy these synergies with
btw i tried mixing two synergies together (epic fetus, sacred heart, and brimstone+mutant spider, pyromaniac, and loki horns) and ended up with something so OP that it lagged the game
Would you like me to add that into a room? I will credit you in the description of course since your the one who found it
maybe, but maybe remove spoon bend because sacred heart, and replace quad shot with 20/20 because lag.
i dont know if i installed it right, i cant find any different rooms
Are you going into the item rooms or is the same room spawning constantly?
i went into about 10 spawn item rooms and no difference.
I will try and fix it. I think I may have bloated the specialroom file and Im gonna try and miminize the number of rooms or make a .xml file that shouod fix it. Theres a program called Basment Renovator you can download and edit the file with to try and fix it yourself.
April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
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