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Gold Boss Rooms
Item Room Changer
Created 4 years ago
Changes all item rooms into boss rooms with two items in it. Randomly you can get easier rooms with less items. The golden candle makes it more likely to find easier rooms. The short candle increases you chance to find a easier room by not much. The golden candle is a item, but the short candle is a trinket. This is my first mod.


x 55

- Better Hush Item Rooms

- Bug Fixes

- Adds More Greed Item Rooms

- Lots more item rooms

- That's it

- The Bloat has appeared in the basement

- More item rooms

- Adds "The Short Candle"

- The Golden Candle is now a item not a trinket

cool but if you dont have items you die
It's a nice concept, but it only gets better if the player can have both items after beating the boss.
wow so qool ! just ask me this is for afterbirth or not?
Great work i liked this mod is no so OP but is perfect
awesome mod! great for Isaac runs with D6
This mod is great!
I cant wait to see what mods you make next.
Great mod so far, but I walked into an item room, and there were just two black flies and one item.
Great looking mod, I'll be sure to try it out.
Soooo... I managed to get a destroying run and went to the Hush fight... but instead of Hush there is ???/Blue Baby? Kinda anti-climactic...
Mind if I make a video of this mod and share it here?
So is thier a boss item or not, cause if theirs not, I will be pissed, espicialy if their the bloat and butter bean as my item.
January 16, 2020 - 7 months ago

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