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Touhou Remix Music Replacements V2
Replaces about all of the music tracks with Touhou Remixes
Created 4 years ago
*I might make genre-specific versions of this, but don't count on it.
Here's a fun fact: I originally made this a few years ago. Thought it was about time to share this.
( ) = Album name
[ ] = Time frame music starts from preview
Previews (In order of list below):

Basement => Lullaby of Deserted Hell (Genreiden)
Cellar => Magical Girl Crusade (RECONQUISTA) [0:48]
Burning Basement=> subterranean rose (COOL JAZZ TOHO) [0;31]
Boss Fight => Reincarnation (RECONQUISTA) [0;38]

Caves => Corpse Voyage ~ Be of Good Cheer! (Genreiden)
Catacombs => The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain (Prominence)
Flooded Caves => The Third Eye (Swing Holic Vol. 6) [0:10]
Afterbirth Boss Fight => Old World (Critical Unbalance) [1:00]

Depths => Captain Murasa (Symphonic Rhapsody "Peony") [0:07]
Necropolis => Reincarnation (Prominence)
Dank Depths => CRiMSON DEAD (Swing Holic Vol. 16) [No video available]

Scarred Womb => Grief of Ressentiment (Evil People as the True Object of Salvation)
Dead Womb => Fall of Fall (Frenzy Frenzy) [0;37]

Cathedral => Emotional Skyscraper ~Cosmic Mind (Blue Regret) [0:54]
Chest => Last Remote (Blue Regret) [Preview is at bottom of playlist, 0;32]

Sheol => Hellfire Mantle (Deadly Dominance) [0:47]
Dark Room => Satori Maiden ~ 3rd Eye (Silent Stratosphere) [1:14]

Shop => Necrofantasia (INVERSIONS & DIMENSIONS)
Secret Room => Reach for the Moon (Genyashou -Side B-) [No video available]
Arcade => Highly Responsive to Prayers (Highly Responsive to Prayers OST)
Ambush/Boss Rush => Till When? (Evil People as the True Object of Salvation) [0:29]
Angel Room => Flowering Night (Eternal Eclipse) [0;37]
Devil Room => Crimson Tower (INVERSIONS & DIMENSIONS) [Couldn't find it on it's own | 15;35]
The Calm => Sealed-Away, Jealousy, Mt. Ooe, Satori, Corpse Voyage, Nuclear Fusion, & Hartmann's (Genreiden) [1:07]
Title Screen => 九十九ノ神 (Swing Holic Vol. 15)
Run Start Jingle => Reverse Ideology (Swing Holic Vol. 15) [0:00-0:03]
Game Over Theme => Sleeping Terror (Courante Impromptu) [0:00-0:40]

Mom => Septette for the Dead Princess (Best of TOHO TEMPEST) [Video is low quality; 0:42]
Mom's Heart/It Lives => Little Princess (Critical Unbalance) [1;31]
Hush => Reverse Ideology (Slanting Rain)
Isaac => Children's Festival (Symphonic Rhapsody "Peony") [1:17]
???/Blue Baby => Judgment in the Sixtieth Year (Symphonic Fantasia "Cherry Blossom") [0:41]
Satan => The Grimoire of Alice (le Grimoire De reve) [0:21]
The Lamb => Last Occultism (Deadly Dominance) [At bottom of playlist; 0:49]
Ultra Greed => The Antinomy of Ideology (Evil People as the True Object of Salvation)


x 31

- Forgot to add Music.xml

- Fixed bug where only The Lamb's intro would play.

Put the Music folder in the resources folder. Make sure that there's a file called music.xml in the resources folder as well.
What do I make the music.xml file with?
*Probably should've mentioned this a long time ago, but I fixed an issue involving the original game music playing before the replacements kick in.
How do I make the mod work? I put it in my resources folder and nothing happens.undefined
I needed some Touhou music for end bosses. Thank you.
I love the music on everything except the start of burning basement, it's a tad loud compared to everything else
January 16, 2020 - 11 months ago

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