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Touhou Remix Music Replacements V1
Replaces almost all of the music tracks with Touhou Remixes
Created 4 years ago
*Touhou Remix Music Replacements V2 is out now*
Here's a fun fact: I originally made this a few years ago. Thought it was about time to share this.
( ) = Album name
[ ] = Time frame music starts from preview

Previews (In order of list below):

Basement => The Bridge People No Longer Cross (Genreiden)
Cellar => The Fairytale of the Land So Far Away (Best of TOHO TEMPEST) [0:13]
Burning Basement=> Dark Side of Fate (RECONQUISTA)
Boss Fight => Broken Dream (BEST OF TOHO TEMPEST) [0:43]

Caves => Green Eyed Jealousy (Genreiden)
Catacombs => Green Eyed Jealousy (RECONQUISTA)
Flooded Caves => Broken Moon (Brass Quartet) [0:06]
Afterbirth Boss Fight => Good Old Blood in the Old World (Best of TOHO TEMPEST) [Video is low quality; 0:47]

Depths => Septette for the Dead Princess (Genmakyo)
Necropolis => Septette for the Dead Princess (RECONQUISTA)
Dank Depths => Septette for the Dead Princess (Brass Quartet)

Womb => Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room (Brass Quartet)
Scarred Womb => Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room (Genmakyo)
Dead Womb => Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial (RECONQUISTA)

Cathedral => Heartfelt Fancy (Genreiden)
Chest => Last Remote (Genreiden) [0:47]

Sheol => Necrofantasia (RECONQUISTA)
Dark Room => Satori Maiden ~ 3rd Eye (RECONQUISTA) [0:41]

Shop => Necrofantasia (INVERSIONS & DIMENSIONS)
Secret Room => Necrofantasia II (INVERSIONS & DIMENSIONS)
Arcade => Eternal Shrine Maiden (Highly Responsive to Prayers OST)
Ambush/Boss Rush => Master of Time with the Luna Dial (Best of TOHO TEMPEST) [0:24]
Angel Room => End of Eastern Dream (Best of TOHO TEMPEST)
Devil Room => Flower of Soul (Gensou Yuugi ~ Museum of Marasy) [Couldn't find a video]
The Calm => The Mound Where the Flowers Reflect (Gensou Yuugi ~ Museum of Marasy) [Couldn't find a video]
Title Screen => Mound of Life (Gensou Yuugi ~ Museum of Marasy) [Couldn't find a video]
Run Start Jingle => The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky (Deadly Dominance) [Video is at the bottom of the playlist; [0:00-0:04]

Mom => Septette for the Dead Princess (Best of TOHO TEMPEST) [Video is low quality; 0:42]
Mom's Heart/It Lives => Locked Girl ~ Burst Of The Flastration (Best of TOHO TEMPEST) [0:18]
Hush => Watching Crow (Best of TOHO TEMPEST)
Isaac => Heian Alien (Touhou Symphonic Selection - MIYABI)
???/Blue Baby => Necrofantasia (Touhou Symphonic Selection)
Satan => Border of Life ~ The Black Cherry Blossom (Best of TOHO TEMPEST) [2:08]
The Lamb => Necro-Fantasia ~ Gone Away to the Dreamland (Best of TOHO TEMPEST) [Video is low quality]
Ultra Greed => Reverse Ideology (Slanting Rain)


x 12

- Can't believe I'm saying this, but forgot to add music.xml

- V2 of this mod is now available, you can find it here:

- Fixed Basement theme not playing and added a Run Intro Jingle (sound that plays when you start a run)

- Fixed the Dank Depths replacement not playing

I don't know what's wrong. Do I just put it in the resources folder like other mods or do I need to do something special? It may be just the music not starting immediately but I don't know if I installed it right.
Sorry that I'm late. If you've already fixed the problem, good. If not, then yes, put it in the resources folder. Make sure that there's a file called music.xml with the music folder.
*Probably should've mentioned this a long time ago, but I fixed an issue involving the original game music playing before the replacements kick in.
I love touhou music IT awesome...
Oh can you please add music in this pack Harmanns Youkai Girl (koishi theme) to Mom or Mom's heart?
can i ask you for a remod form the both to pick the best music together in 1 mod??
As in using music from both? I might do that, some of the tracks I used in both I feel could be switched. It might be a while, so be patient. I have to make mods for other games as well.
...Is your music volume set to high?
This mod kinda works but also kinda doesn't. The original music still plays when you start a run, and on some floors, it takes a minute or two for the Touhou remix for that floor to kick in. Still a great mod though, you did a really good job making this.
January 16, 2020 - 10 months ago

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